While the education establishment peddles porn, the federal government runs a block

The Deep State has been working to sexualize children for decades; in recent years these efforts have become increasingly pathological.  Yes, parents have every right to protest books in schools that are plainly pornographic; these books are unsuitable for adults, much less for grade-school children.  This Book is Gay is available throughout the United States, and gives details on how to find homosexual partners online; its glossary provides the terms for “licking the bottom” and ingesting feces, and advises children about anal and oral sex.  Gender Queer includes photos of sexual acts between a boy and a man, and illustrations of masturbation and oral sex.  Beyond Magentaincludes passages about a six-year-old little boy performing oral sex on other little boys and talking to ‘pedophiles’ who masturbated in front of him.”  It also claims a 6-year-old “can enjoy performing oral sex on an adult” without it having anything to do with pedophilia.  There are countless other “award-winning best sellers” catering to depraved educators, but space is limited.

But along with protest, we need to get to the root cause.  The education establishment is firmly behind this agenda.  The president of the American Library Association, Emily Drabinski, is a “self-described ‘Marxist lesbian’” whose agenda to sexualize children is obvious across her social media. And, the establishment is supported in its efforts by the federal government.  The Biden administration rules force schools to comply with progressive ideology or risk losing federal aid. The Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights is monitoring book challenges across the country for “discriminatory” actions.  Biden’s DoE established “a new position” to combat what the Democrats consider Nazi-like book bans—but the “books” in the crosshairs are nothing more than smut for kids.

There’s also a section of the judiciary that’s been captured by the Deep State. A federal judge “rejected a request from a group of Maryland parents to require Montgomery County Public Schools to allow them to opt their children out of lessons with LGBTQ books.”

The media portrays opponents of school pornography as “far right” book burners, and remind us that the Nazis made a show of burning books in order to make that association.  California Democrats proposed legislation that “would require elementary schools to provide students access to books about radical gender ideology” and other leftwing ideologies; as the bill’s author said, the bill is an initiative against the “national Christian white supremacist movement.”  This accusation did not register with the Muslims of Dearborn, Michigan.  They complained about a book that talks “about a variety of apps that children and students can use to meet up with strangers and have sex with them.”

One opposition group, Moms for Liberty, was labeled an “anti-government extremist organization” by the Southern Poverty Law Center; the moms join the Singing Nuns.  The SPLC’s designations are important because the FBI relies on the list (e.g., the bureau’s investigation of traditionalist Catholics).  Merrick Garland testified that the FBI “has never been in the business” of investigating or harassing the parents at school board meetings, but mother Stacy Langton posted images of unmarked cars, along with DHS vehicles and police cruisers at a school board meeting; she also claimed that a helicopter was circling overhead.  Langton’s claims could be dismissed as patent paranoia.  However, in light of the fact that the FBI routinely uses absurdly excessive force when making arrests, her claim is completely believable.  Also, former FBI agent Steve Friend testified that he was sent to a school board meeting parking lot to take down license plate numbers.  FBI officials even interviewed a member of Moms for Liberty for telling a school board member, “we are coming for you.”

Pornographic schoolbooks are just one tool of the many tools used in the sexualization process.  While it’s a great start, removing pornography will not entirely solve the problem.  The educational establishment is populated nationally by a large number of very disturbed individuals.  Shannon Ashby claimed, “I figured living in Cheyenne, Wyoming, we would be safe.”  She was wrong.  Ashby’s reading of the school’s sexual material before the school board was deleted by district officials because they feared YouTube would suspend the district’s account.  Superintendent Margaret Crespo said opponents at school board meetings represent a small fraction of the community; people like Crespo do their best to minimize the opposition.

Suing school boards or school districts only punishes the taxpayers.  Every jurisdiction has laws dealing with providing pornography to children.  An example is this New York State law, “Disseminating indecent material to minors in the second degree is a class E felony.”  (Class E felonies are punishable by up to four years in jail.)  The decisions to provide this material to children are made by individuals.  Police reports should be filed, and the perpetrators should be held accountable and categorically, and permanently barred from the public school system.  It should not require many convictions to put a stop to the pornographic material in schools.

John Dietrich is a freelance writer and the author of The Morgenthau Plan: Soviet Influence on American Postwar Policy (Algora Publishing).  He has a Master of Arts Degree in International Relations from St. Mary’s University.  He is retired from the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Department of Homeland Security.  He is featured on the BBC’s program “Things We Forgot to Remember:” Morgenthau Plan and Post-War Germany.

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