Trump suggests a new fight over Obamacare if he wins another term, and Democrats lose their collective mind

There’s a joke out there about coddling mothers who won’t let their children grow up, and refer to the ages of their youngsters in months instead of years. Naturally, this is a reasonable approach when the child is very young because at first, a baby changes so drastically over the course of months (or even weeks). But heading into kindergarten? The child is no longer a baby; he’s simply four, not 48-months old.

Now I say all this, because it was exactly what came to my mind when I read through a number of posts using a “trending” hashtag on X (formerly Twitter). A few days back, President Trump implied that if he were to win another term, he will renew the fight over Obamacare, ultimately looking to repeal and replace it.

A socialized medicine scheme we can’t afford with less government regulation is still just socialized medicine, so I wasn’t too invested at the announcement, but then I read the comments on X and had a laugh, because the overarching theme throughout the responses reaffirmed what we already know: arrested cognitive development plagues the “thinkers” of the left. (That’s about as nicely as I can put it.)

The trending hashtag was… #HandsOffMyHealthCare, and right off the bat, we realize that these Democrat voters don’t really understand the system, because it’s not really “their” healthcare when other people are paying for it. As one supporter said:

The Affordable Care Act has given hundreds of thousands of uninsured/underinsured Americans access to healthcare. Republicans like to use this as a talking point, but it is a losing battle for them.

Now, back to the point made at the outset; Exhibit A:

And Exhibit B:

As Nancy Pelosi loves to say, the “children!” Don’t take the subsidized health insurance away from the “kids” between 252 and 312 months! Or the “young adults under” 312 months old! How could the Republicans be so cruel?!

Oh, do they mean “kids” like this?

(Whats sad is, you know that’s exactly who these “young adults” and “kids” are.)

So these little ones, between the ages of 252 and 312 months (or 26-years-old and younger), are old enough to smoke, get drafted by Joe Biden to ship off war, visit sex shows and strip clubs, drink alcohol, do drugs, mutilate their bodies through surgery, and vote, but they cant pay their own health insurance bills like the rest of us? The Democrats’ disappearing act of personal responsibility is a blight on a functioning society.

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