Naked outrage from the left over surrendered Hamas terrorists in their underwear

In today's 'oh spare us' news, the left is having an absolute cow over Israeli troops flushing out Hamas terrorists from their snake holes and then forcing them to strip down to their underwear to prove to that yes, they were surrendering, and no, they didn't have a gun in their pants or a shiv in their shoes, or a strap-on bomb in their pocket, or a dynamite pack in some orifice, which is a pretty standard military safety precaution.

Get a load of this from Qatar-linked al-Jazeera:

Shawan Jabarin, director of the Al-Haq human rights organisation, said he was “shocked” to see images that reminded him of the treatment of detainees and prisoners of war during World War II.

“This [is] inhuman, it amounts to torture and more than that, it’s a war crime and a crime against humanity,” he told Al Jazeera.

Inhuman? Actually, it's standard operating procedure for wartime. Nobody made Hamas start the war. They chose to do it themselves, and they chose poorly. Now they're humiliated as losers as they rightly should be, given the heinous nature of their crimes.

Some common sense here:

And speaking of crimes, it's significant that they actually now resemble these gangsters in the prisons in El Salvador, which won its war on crime by having to do this:

Oh boo hoo. Do the crime, get treated like a criminal, that's how it goes.

There's little arguing that the kind of "warfare" Hamas practiced on unarmed women, old people, and children on October 7 was crime, too. Real men don't "fight" the helpless. Real men don't shield themselves with women and children and stuff their rockets in hospitals, mosques and school houses. Nor do they wear uniforms. But criminals certainly do.

In that regard, the nearly naked photos of the defeated Hamas thugs serve as fair warning not to do this if you want to stay out of one of these lineups. It's the same warning that exists from the photos in El Salvador.

Fat, flabby, Hamas terrorists sitting on the ground in their underwear is not a good recruiting tool for terrorist sign-ups. Makes one wonder if that's what really bothers them.

But the hand-wringing doesn't stop. The clowns howling said nothing about Israeli women being raped, or Israeli men being raped, or women and children tied together and burned to death. They said nothing about a mass spray shooting at a concert that left more than 200 dead in that place alone. They said nothing about the taking and torturing, raping and beating of hostages. They were silent when a young Israeli woman was dragged through the streets of Gaza, nearly naked, spat on, danced around, and then beheaded and some of her remains left in some road where people could find it. They said nothing when Hamas baked a baby in an oven.

Now they're surrendering in droves and the photos are getting out showing them in a rather humiliating manner. It's the humilation of Hamas that gets them, not the crimes of Hamas against against innocent Israelis and others.

They hate the thought of Hamas humiliated, maybe even more than the thought of Hamas defeated. They're upset at how gross they look, with the paraded terrorists in the photos obviously never having missed a meal:

They're vile terrorists and now they've got what was coming to them. The Israelis, of course, are being gentle on them, given the killings and thievery they've done, subjecting them to some kind of due process. Hamas would have massacred them if it was the other way around. 

But the left has no shame here, they can't live with the thought of the entire world poking fun at their doughy, flabby, unwashed, hog-sized tubbalard heros who made them so proud on October 7 back when they went around raping and murdering Jews.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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