Mexicans know a stupid gringo when they see one: Here comes Feckless Joe

The illegal migrant inflow is hitting record highs at Eagle Pass, Texas, and it's out of control at entries across the southern border.

Anyone ask what Mexico is doing about it?

We know they're trying to keep them from flooding Tijuana by building a border fence in that area.

But in that, they aren't stopping the migrants -- they're essentially just pushing them to cross into the U.S. from further down the desert, where migrants, once they get in, complain about a lack of five-star accommodations from the Border Patrol, who by U.S. law are supposed to jail them. They only don't because ... Biden border policy.

In reality, the Mexicans are helping the migrants cross into the U.S. for the exact same reasons that red border states are busing and flying illegal border crossers into their sanctuary cities of choice. They don't want this problem. Illegal migrants cause as many problems in Mexico as they do in the U.S. And by the Mexicans' logic, Joe's the one holding out the sanctuary dinner triangle to them, so it's going to be his problem.

The Daily Mail did some reporting and found out it was really bad.

Here are some details about just how helpful these Mexican officials are in speeding migrants to the best illegal crossings into el norte:

Migrants flooding across the southern border claim that Mexican officials are visiting migrant shelters in the country and instructing them on how to illegally cross into the United States. 

record 14,000 migrants have crossed into Eagle PassTexas since Sunday night, according to figures by the US Border Patrol, causing chaos and straining resources in the small town.


But, migrants waiting in Mexico on Thursday for their chance to cross into Eagle Pass told the they believe the most recent surge has to do with Mexican officials, who have released thousands of them from shelters.

Here's how very helpful they are:

Migrants who have been in the shelter for a longer period of time explained that once migrants arrive, those who have plans to cross into the US are told to wait at the shelter for a few hours. 

On Wednesday night, about 700 migrants were gathered at the shelter. 

Video obtained by the shows Mexican officials telling the migrants they would be walked down to a certain part of the river, where they would be told where the water was shallow so they could cross. 

The group left and by 6 am Thursday, another mob of 600 were also walked down to the river so they could illegally enter the US.

Fresh migrants continued to arrive at the shelter throughout the morning Thursday.

'By this evening, another group will be escorted down to the river so they can cross,' a migrant staying at the shelter explained.

When you have a government that helpful and organized to migrants and their illegal aims, you can get a lot of people across, which is obviously what is happening now.

Meanwhile, back on the Biden ranch, things aren't quite so organized.

In a separate story from the Daily Mail, here is their state of affairs:

President Joe Biden held urgent phone consultations with Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Thursday to discuss the running border crisis, as migrants overwhelm facilities along the southern border and shatter daily records.

The president is dispatching top administration officials to Mexico City to hammer out new ways with the Mexican president to grapple with the issue, as White House national security spokesman John Kirby spoke to the intractable nature of the problem.

'There's probably more we can be doing,' Kirby admitted to reporters at the White House while describing the outlines of the conversation. 

He said the two men discussed the efforts to 'manage the unprecedented migratory flows in the western hemisphere,' and described the issue as part of a global problem, not just one that impacts the U.S.

The only thing missing from that Kirby statement is the opening word "Duh."

How stupid are these people running our country?

Our friends the Mexicans can see it, and they are speeding them on in, loading the conveyor belts to get them out of their own country and into Joe Biden's sanctuary nations, and the efficiency of the whole Mexican operation is encouraging more to come as a result. That likely explains why the border surge is so big in Del Rio. More migrants in, more that can come in.

Biden, of course, is clueless on this matter and the only reason he's suddenly making his day-late, dollar-short appeal to the Mexicans is the impact of illegal border crossings on his own polling numbers. Recent surveys show that illegal migration is the number one concern of American voters after Bidenflation, and you can bet that if the Mexicans are acting this way, there's a problem they need to get rid of and hand over to Feckless Joe, too.

Back in the days of President Trump, the Mexicans under the exact same government of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador responded quickly to Trump threatening to shut down the entire border if illegal crossings weren't controlled.

Trump also muscled them into a "remain in Mexico" agreement to disincentivize illegal border crossings and as a result, illegal crossings went down.

Trump got results quickly with his firm hand, laying down the law with Mexico, and pretty amazingly, cordial relations with them resulted, given that he was nice and clear with them about how it was going to be.

Biden? The Mexicans are reading him as a fool, seeing clearly his mixed messages to both migrants and themselves -- an open border and a huge benefit package with no deportation to those who get across, and complaints that people are taking him up on his offer. No wonder Mexicans are speeding them along.

They know an idiot who can be rolled, they've seen thousands of them among the drunks from the U.S. who get rolled in Mexican towns at the border. They know a stupid gringo when they see one.

Joe's the stupid gringo and he won't get far with any panicky phone calls complaining about the consequences of his own stupid decisions. He will get what he gets, same as the drunks do, too bad if he doesn't like it.

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