Many leftist students are true Hitler Youth when it comes to Jews

San Francisco State University has always been a cesspool. For decades now, if there was a fight between Israel and the surrounding Arabs, SFSU faculty and students were out protesting against Israel. However, somewhere along the line, that anti-Israel sentiment morphed into “kill worldwide Jewry.” As with Hitler, that was where the hatred was always going to go.

Back in the 1960s and 1970s, SFSU’s significantly Jewish faculty were old-fashioned liberals. They were the kind who felt it was the right thing to do to invite Black Pantherette and communist Angela Davis to become a professor there. By the 2000s, though, Jews were not welcome. For example, a Russian-born Jewish woman was relentlessly disciplined by the college for speaking out against rabidly anti-Israel protests and speakers.

So, anti-Israel rhetoric has been de rigueur at SFSU for a very long time. However, it never crossed the line into Hitlerian, antisemitic, genocidal rhetoric. Now, though, unleashed by Hamas’s genocidal, antisemitic October 7 attack on Israel, students at SFSU no longer bother to hide their murderous hatred for Jews. Not against Israel, mind you, but against Jews:

If you watch the video, you’ll see that Ami Horowitz isn’t asking students to stand against Israel, which is now the dominant position on American campuses. Instead, he’s asking them to donate “money for arms and weapons against Jews” around the world. He’s very specific about the purpose: “We want to fund operations against soft targets, schools, hospitals, Jewish cafés.” In response to these requests, students offered money, were “totally…down,” and recycled ancient antisemitic tropes.

Horowitz explains that he didn’t cherry-pick the students in the above video. That is, he didn’t talk to 100 students and pick out the few worst.

The rhetoric in demonizing Jews we have seen globally has led to this. Twenty-eight out of 35 people I engaged in conversation with expressed support for what I was doing. And 17 out of 35—nearly 50% of the people I spoke with—offered me money to kill Jews.

In addition to those happy to engage in murdering worldwide Jewry, Horowitz couldn’t even count those who expressed interest, while no one challenged his genocidal proposal:

Talking to the Journal by phone, Horowitz said that he didn’t count students who simply said they would check out his website afterwards as being interested. “You had to have actually talked about antisemitism, hatred of Jews, why they’re so evil, for me to count you among the people who supported the position,” he said. “Which was the majority of people I came across.”


“Not a single person I came across—not one—said, ‘This is insane. I need to call the authorities,’” Horowitz said, adding that “they had their reasons: Money, power, religion, all those things. They know exactly what they’re doing and why they’re doing it.”

It’s always been a rule at American Thinker to avoid comparing people to Hitler because it cheapens language. After all, there have been many megalomaniacs and bad people in the world. What made Hitler unique was his desire to erase Jews from the face of the earth, and he made a good start by slaughtering 6 million people.

Now, the students at SFSU are either fully in support of Hitler’s unique evil or they’re undisturbed by it. They are Hitler Youth, they are as evil as Hamas, and they need to be addressed, although I honestly don’t know how. What do you do with people who have been inculcated with poisonous ideas? How do you un-brainwash a generation?

I do know that these people are dangerous, just as Claudine Gay and her ilk are dangerous with their “contextualizing” genocidal speech, and just as Hamas is dangerous with its open, stone-aged, animalistic desire literally to commit cannibalism against the hated Jew. (See here and here for examples.)

Image: YouTube screen grab.

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