Israel's IDF flushes Hamas's tunnels with sea water -- and sends terrorists scurrying out like rats

Hear that flushing noise?

Amid all the screeching of the anti-Semitic global elites, the haze of pro-Hamas global protests, and the Biden administration's efforts to micromanage how Israel conducts its war against avowed terrorists, Israel's Defense Forces have been quietly takin' care of business.

AT's editor, Andrea Widburg has written about the mass surrenders which is happy news indeed, here.

But how they did it is fascinating.

They've flooded Hamas's tunnels, at least in some places, with sea water, in order to, as Israel's defense minister put it, to “wipe this thing called Hamas, ISIS-Gaza, off the face of the earth.”

They've even rubbed the terrorists' noses in their own menacing genocidal slogan, too:

Which shouldn't surprise anyone, because tiny Israel is home to the world's most creative water engineers.

In peacetime, they've invented water desalination plants, and drip irrigation to make deserts livable and productive, generously sharing their technologies with other peoples.

Now they've added another water engineering innovation to their long list of them -- by figuring out how to flush the Hamas terrorists out from their tunnels, literally -- with sea water, sending the terrorists scurrying, like rats.

Given the evil acts that they did on October 7, it couldn't happen to a nicer group of torture-murderers.

As the terrorist ran like rats from their sewers for air, Israel troops were waiting for them at the tunnels' eggresses, so we now see scenes like this in Gaza today:

This dirtbag didn’t make it.

Nor does it look like this hard-faced thug will, either:

If they get him, let's just say he won't be missed.

All in all, it's a marvel of human ingenuity and despite all of Israel's internal problems and squabbles and wokesterism, they're still the same old Israelis of legend -- the clever, resourceful, unbeatable Israelis no terrorist should ever mess with, takin' care of business.

It's edifying.

UPDATE: It's worth noting that our own Alexander G. Markovsky wrote a month ago to recommend flooding the tunnels.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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