I sure am glad I’m not Biden’s food-taster!

Few things are as enjoyable as watching one’s political opponents wrestle on the horns of a dilemma.  Today’s Democrats are trying to reconcile a seriously unpopular incumbent president who’s intending to seek re-election with the threat of their sworn arch-enemy regaining his grip on the reins of power.

Further complicating this dilemma is the palpable lack of talent available for the Dems to put in Biden’s place.  Perhaps their most attractive possibility is California’s Governor “Hair Gel.”  He’s been out there getting plenty of face time, but he doesn’t have much of a record of success — other than chasing away significant components of his state’s tax base.  It is just becoming noticed that California has budgeted to spend tens of billions more than it has collected.  What remains under the radar is the juicy tidbit that Newsom’s ex-wife is seriously shacked up with Donald Trump, Jr.  Should make for some interesting moments in the Trump war room once the battles begin.

Though she may be tan and rested, Hillary doesn’t budge the meter.  Speaking of former presidential spouses, there’s lingering buzz about Michelle Obama entering the fray.  The pooh-poohers claim she’s way too happy just where she is at Mahthah’s Vinyahd.  But ambition can do strange things.

The other horn of the dilemma has to do with figuring out an elegant way of getting Biden to retire.  It is frequently speculated that the recent package of indictments heaped on First Son Hunter is a not so subtle attempt at this objective — hardly elegant but possibly effective. 

Biden’s success thus far has to do with his willingness to be a good puppet.  This may protect him from the covert movement to push him out of the way.  Those pulling his strings would likely not have as much control over anybody else.  However, he would first need to get re-elected — and the more the Democrats try to damage Trump, the more Trump rises in the polls.

This would be a delight to watch — except that the destiny of all the USA is hanging in the balance.  The election is still more than ten months away, an eternity in politics.  This may allow enough time for some “dark horse” to emerge as a credible Trump-beater, but time is running out.

Were I a gambler, I would still bet on Biden being the nominee.  Along with that, Trump would face an increasing mountain of legal challenges — and still win in a landslide, which will include Congress as well.  What is also not mentioned much is that only ten Republican senators are going to be up for re-election.  This can only mean that the Democrats have enormous exposure in a year where they face extraordinary challenges for a multitude of reasons.

And this just in: Biden just bent some rules in order to ship some crucial munitions to Israel.  Working on the Jewish vote?  Maybe...more likely Jewish campaign contributions.  All this as Democrats, in general, are offering up Jews for genocide.  Strange bedfellows, indeed.

Wait...what’s this?  Incoming call from Vladimir Putin’s office.  Their food-taster just checked out on medical leave and they need a replacement.  “Sorry, I’m booked.”

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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