Fauci: His big ego gets bigger

The pandemic was good for Dr. Anthony Fauci, bringing the U.S.'s highest-paid employee, even more fame and fortune. 

The U.S. bureaucrat with the medical degree is famous of course for his mistakes -- his calls for lockdowns, his on and off demands for mask-wearing, his criticism of President Trump for taking the pandemic seriously - and for not taking it seriously.

According to Sen. Rand Paul, he also lied a lot to Congress about the origins of COVID and other things.

Worst of all, his ego was so big he once declared himself the embodiment of 'science.'

He never admitted to being wrong about anything. But despite the mess he made, damaging society in untold ways with his bad recommendations, he was lionized on the left for his value against President Trump, and even called a sex symbol by the stupider of them.

Never has someone who botched so much been so inclined to fail upward.

The COVID quack's post-pandemic is even better than his pandemic, though. now that he's drawn a sinecure at Georgetown, bringing him untold cossetting and comforts.

And now he's got time to do a lot of what he does best, which is give interviews to fawning reporters.

According to The Dossier, he's declaring himself better than God now:

The BBC released an interview with Dr Fauci today at his new “job” at Georgetown University. I watched the whole thing so you don’t have to.

Here are the key highlights:

It looks like the Tiny Totalitarian still has his U.S. Marshals security detail, despite being "retired" from government service. His full time chauffeur and fully staffed taxpayer-funded security detail puts American on the hook for a million dollars a month.

The BBC interviewer, worshipping Fauci, discusses his fitness routine. Asked about the status of his diet, Fauci jokingly responds, “I can’t tell a lie.”

Next up, they walk past the church at Georgetown where Fauci got married. We then find out that the good doctor no longer practices religion, as he is guided by a higher moral authority: “my own personal ethics.”

“As far as practicing, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do,” he adds.

Fauci doesn’t need God. God needs Fauci.

The tough questions continue, with the interviewer asking him what it’s like to be a sex symbol.

Had enough? The guy has delusions of being God, his own god. He couldn't even say he was just a basic atheist and leave it at that. His ego has swollen so big that declaring himself 'science' is not enough, he has to be God now.

One could speculate if this is why he has made so many bad and hypocritical decisions.

But it's so bad I think I pity him.

Image: Screen shot from BBC video, via YouTube

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