Yes, there was violence inside the Capitol on J6, but the police committed it

The newly released J6 footage is a revelation because it shows that the “insurrection” was not by, of, and for the people, it was by, of, and for the government. When it comes to events inside the Capitol, there’s growing evidence that the violence came not from the people peacefully and reverentially wandering around but from law enforcement. Certainly, the most recent footage appears to bear that out.

There are two narratives about January 6. The dominant one is the Democrat narrative. Practically within minutes of events on January 6, every Democrat politician and media outlet was claiming an “insurrection.” Endlessly repeated footage and still photos showed a huge crowd outside the Capitol, black-clad masked figures breaking into the Capitol, Trump supporters streaming into the Capitol, and the “QAnon Shaman” (escorted by a guard) surveying the Senate chamber. Police officers had been beaten to death. America was over.

The media endlessly reinforced that narrative. The FBI engaged in the biggest manhunt in American history. Almost three years later, many of those arrested are still languishing in prison, uncharged and untried. The House, under Nancy Pelosi’s control, and with help from a couple of NeverTrump Vichy Republicans, engaged in the farcical January 6 Committee investigation and hearings, complete with weeping cops.

Image: Trump supporters in the Rotunda. YouTube screen grab. (By the way, this is a blurry screengrab. You’ve probably noticed fabulously clear Getty and AP photos from inside the Capitol. I’ve long wondered how they got them.)

However, behind this propaganda, another narrative was emerging, one bolstered by actual data and video footage. Here are just a few examples:

But still, this was always just a small part of the narrative. The Democrats and Kevin McCarthy refused to release the full 41,000 hours of video generated by the Capitol’s own security cameras. Mike Johnson finally stopped the censorship, and crowd-sourcing is revealing the full story of a day that the Democrats have used to persecute, prosecute, imprison, and silence their political opponents.

The latest revelation comes from Julie Kelly, who introduces footage showing that the police ambushed Trump supporters who were peacefully and reverentially wandering through the Rotunda on January 6 (most of whom, almost certainly, had no idea they’d been trespassing given that signage had been removed and police were welcoming them in). Kelly has the details, but here’s the overview:

At 3 p.m., footage shows people peacefully wandering through the Rotunda. No one appears to be committing acts of violence against persons or property. Two minutes later, Capitol police storm in from the Rotunda’s south side and begin shoving and grabbing protesters. (Keep in mind that many of these protesters were elderly.) The masked police also seemingly used chemical gas.

Three minutes after that, D.C. officers stormed the room, again physically assaulting people who, minutes before, had simply been standing there or wandering peacefully around. The police didn’t seem interested in arresting anyone or guiding them to leave the building. They were just pushing them around and corralling them in a corner of the rotunda.

Kelly notes that these law enforcement actions violated D.C.’s use of force laws. These require police to de-escalate situations and use all means other than physical force to deal with them. In this case, though, the police came in loaded for bear.

I urge you to read Kelly’s entire post and to view the footage. If you had doubts about the Democrat narrative, this information will reinforce your concerns. Something is rotten, very, very rotten, in the City of D.C.

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