Xi does San Fran, and the city is unrecognizable in more ways than one

San Francisco made sure to clean all the feces, needles, graffiti, and drug addicts from the sidewalks for “all those fancy leaders” before they rolled into town for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, a reality which Gavin Newsome went on television to confirm—in fact, AT’s own Monica Showalter wrote a great essay on the subject—and overnight, the city became literally unrecognizable.

But, it wasn’t only the relatively clean streets in a Democrat-run city that caused us to do a double-take… see below:

This is not Beijing and it’s not Tiananmen Square—it’s an American city (or was), and there isn’t an American flag in sight. Chinatown isn’t just a cultural hub in San Francisco anymore, but apparently San Francisco itself! And I don’t know if that music played aloud in the street, or if it was added to the video afterwards, but that is the Chinese national anthem, which includes a reference to building another “Great Wall.” Ironically, this isn’t quite compatible with the open borders of the Democrats, but particularly California Democrats. 

Back in August, I penned a blog on a particular press release from Newsom’s office, which detailed how the governor had “wed his state to a foreign communist province” and signed a “Memorandum of Understanding” with Vice Governor Chen Huaiyu of Hainan. It proved that “anti-American actors have friends in the highest of places” as Newsom had entered into an agreement with Chen regarding “carbon neutrality plans”—ominous much? As a friendly reminder, not that you need one, this is the nation that harvests organs from conscious humans, executes political and religious dissidents, and welds problematic people into high-rise buildings where they starve to death. I think the picture is pretty clear of how they intend to “neutralize” carbon.

You know what else is noticeably absent? All those “Pride” flags. That’s weird… What about all that endless “proud ally” talk from city and state officials? I thought California, and especially San Francisco, boldly publicized their willingness to fight LGBTQ “hate” and “discrimination” even when it wasn’t the popular thing to do… But some anti-LGBTQ communist rolls into town and they unfurl the red carpet and rip down the incriminating paraphernalia? And, not that I have a problem with the removal of “Pride” flags at all (instead I applaud it), but it sounds about right for the virtue-signaling left.

The evolution from California to Commiefornia is complete.

Image from X.

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