What's New Jersey's balding middle-aged governor doing using taxpayer funds to go to a Taylor Swift concert?

New Jersey's Democrat govenor, Phil Murphy, famous for his lockdowns in the past, has quite an appetite for Taylor Swift concerts, a ravenous one. The blonde, teenybopper idol in hot pants belting pop-tart ditties about her poor choices in men is something he just can't get enough of. And in his mind, New Jersey's taxpayers need to slake that appetite for him.

According to Fox News:

Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy is asking the state Democratic Party to reimburse taxpayers after he used $12,000 in state funds at a Taylor Swift concert and other stadium events.

Murphy's expenditures, first reported by Politico, were all for food and drinks at MetLife Stadium. When confronted with the spending, Murphy's office reportedly said it was asking the state Democratic Party to pay back the state.

Murphy's office says it had always expected the state party to cover the costs, but noticed it had failed to do so. The governor's office then dipped into a $95,000 personal expense account set up for the office. That account is set up to pay for "Official Receptions, Official Residence, and Other Official Expenses," and cannot be used for "personal purposes," according to Politico.

The corruption issue is noteworthy, and one hopes New Jersey's taxpaying voters won't put up with it, it was reportedly part of a string of entertainments Murphy billed the state for amounting to $12,000, but I'm grossing out about something more basic.

Murphy is 66 years old. He's paunchy and balding. Taylor Swift is a pop tart star for the tweens and teenagers who flock to her concerts in droves. While there's no accounting for taste, there's also nothing wrong with kids gathering around their favorite pop idol as every generation does. That's their thing just as Duran Duran, The Beatles, Buddy Holly, Bennie Goodman, Pearl Jam or Fleetwood Mac were ours.

What kind of a man finds this kind of music his kind of music, enough to shell out nearly a thousand dollars for to watch in concert, and then bill the taxpayers for the cost? I'm not saying he's a pervert, maybe he was, or maybe he was trolling for hot young things in the audience, but at a minimum, there is a such thing as acting one's age. This fan obsession from him is out of place, and outright creepy. Taylor Swift is for the kids, the young people, the people in their 30s. The president of Chile is reportedly a fan of hers, but he's 37.

It's bizarre to see a guy that old drop a thousand bucks on a Taylor Swift concert as if he were planning to enjoy it. It's part of a slew of questionable entertainments he took, as if his six-figure salary as governor wouldn't cover entertainment like that, so the taxpayers need to step up.

What a lowlife. Someone ought to ask him why he needed to be at that Taylor Swift concert just for the questions it raises about why exactly he picked a Taylor Swift concert as his idea of entertainment. There's an 'ick factor' here and the voters need to know.

Image: Metropolitan Transport Authority of the State of New York // CC BY-SA 2.0

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