VIRAL VIDEO: Kid’s birthday party with guns, stacks of cash, and obscene rap music

As equally disturbing as the scene were some of the comments, but take a look at the video first:

The recorded incident happened at Jumping Juu Play Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia (not Louisiana as alleged in the post), and as far as I can tell it looks like a kid’s birthday party, for a very young child at that—the business itself caters to toddler-aged children with miniature ball pits, baby trampolines, and Little TikesⓇ slides.

Of course the most glaring offense in the video is witnessing a group of adults encourage the most thuggish and delinquent behavior in little ones under their care, because they’re abusing their roles as leaders and protectors and setting these precious children up for failure. What usually happens to children who carry learned thuggish and delinquent behaviors into adulthood? They wind up in prison or dead. (But the left would still say that “systemic” and “institutional” racism are entirely to blame for disproportionate incarceration rates, assuring us that the numbers have got nothing to do whatsoever with an individual’s actions or behavior.)

Now I can’t tell if these guns are real or fake, but it really doesn’t matter, because the demeanor conveys to the viewer exactly what it does: this family (or group of friends) finds felonious behavior to be glamorous, and guns are merely props.

In reality though, firearms are not toys but tools, with deadly consequences when mishandled or misused, which is why gun ownership carries with it a serious weight of responsibility. It’s also offensive when you consider that these adults likely subscribe to the “black lives matter” narrative in which everything is “racist” and law enforcement and “white” America are out to get the victimized black folks… but then they act like this?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it’s behavior like this, which is not an anomaly, that creates strife and discord between Americans, and it’s really nothing cosmic. The problem isn’t skin color, it’s ideology and culture—if a group of people acts like complete animals, whether that’s white leftist women going ballistic at pro-abortion rallies, queer men engaging in anal sex on the street, brown college students spewing vitriol and throwing fists in the name of “peace” in Gaza, or black hooligans glamorizing lawlessness and immorality (go look up the lyrics to “No Smoke” if you dare), it’s understandable then when normal Americans (of all colors) get fed up with their antics.

But apparently, that concept proved to be elusive to a number of people in the comments, who actually suggested that when “white” children handle guns, the reception is quite different:

Also, this:

Talk about comparing apples to oranges—how can someone honestly think that legitimate hunting, a sport in which gun safety is paramount and the firearm is used as it was intended (a tool), is equivalent to what looks like preparation for a drive-by shooting? Seriously? Let me just be clear: if a white family (or group of friends) were caught behaving like this at a child’s birthday party, the response would absolutely be the same, and I would never chalk it up to the proper exercising of rights protected by the Second Amendment.

There’s an investigative journalist on X that I follow named Dom Lucre, a black man, and while I don’t always agree with everything he posts, he nailed it when he said, “The black community is sick and we [awake blacks] are the solution.” Amen!

Image from X.

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