Two separate Halloween incidents captured by doorbell cameras display a stark contrast between cultures

There’s a funny idiosyncrasy among conservative-thinking or “s–t-posting” social media users, and that is they’ll often use alternating upper-case and lower-case letters in succession to mock a leftist position. See a few examples below:

“No CuLtUrE iS sUpErIoR oVeR aNoThEr”

“DiVeRsItY iS oUr StReNgTh”

“MuLtIcUlTuRaLiSm Is GoOd”

Well two separate Halloween incidents, captured by doorbell cameras, prove all those leftist assertions completely and utterly false.

Here’s the first:

Now, here’s the second:

The contrast couldn’t be more stark, and frankly, farcical.

Naturally, I assume the people in the first video are… transplants to America… and soon-to-be Democrat voters. Obviously you can hear they’re not speaking English, with the children repeatedly yelling “¡Dame!”, an imperative that means “Give me!” We see the adults, most likely parents, encouraging the children to take it all, grabbing all the full-size candy bars they can—at one point, one of the women stretches her shirt out to make a sort of collecting apron, taking even more of the candy. A girl, who appears to be an older sibling, exploits her position, and grabs candy out from the hands of a younger brother or family member.

The scene is evocative of a swarm of locusts. Then, lastly, you see the scavenger man, after the locusts have been through, swoop by one last time to make sure the candy bowl carcass really has nothing left to give.

Oh but the second video, the second video warmed my heart. A young boy, upon discovering that an outside bowl is empty, decides (on his own) to leave a few pieces of his candy, so that subsequent trick-or-treaters will have something for their bags. This time, the mother doesn’t encourage her boy to be selfish, but affirms her son’s sacrifice, small as it may be, because he’s put the needs and desires of others before himself. The little sister toddling behind him, sees a big brother who uses his bigger, older, and stronger position to put those who are smaller, younger, and weaker first. Instead of taking and taking and taking until there is nothing left, he gives.

You see, there is absolutely a superior culture, the Judeo-Christian one, and the rest are absolutely inferior.

Diversity is absolutely not a strength, because anyone who subscribes to and upholds the values of the superior culture, the one that by the grace of God has long-reigned in America, is going to have an issue with seeing the behaviors of those who spread the “values” of an inferior culture.

Multiculturalism, or the idea that all cultures are equally valuable, is a total joke. Is LGBTQ++ culture as equally valuable and worth preserving as a traditional family culture? Is a culture in which men use babies as human shields one we want to see persist? Is a culture of greed and selfishness a “valuable” one? Absolutely not to all three.

Here’s a little not-so-coincidental anecdote. From August 2014 until June 2022, I lived in Tucson, Arizona, a city rife with migrants, exactly like the kind I suspect are in the first video. Starting in 2016, which was the first year I lived in a house instead of an apartment, I would take my son (then eventually my sons) trick-or-treating, and I’d set a bowl of candy outside with a note that wished visitors a happy holiday, politely asking that each person take a few pieces of candy. All six Halloweens I spent in that house, not only did people steal all the candy, they stole my bowl. Each year I’d buy a new bowl and set it outside, assuming that the year before was an outlier, and I didn’t want to be a curmudgeon and penalize all kids for the actions of a few scumbags. Well yesterday I bought a new bowl and I’m happy to report, that in Alabama, it made it through the night with candy leftover! Needless to say, it was very refreshing.

The third-world mentality, one obviously ingrained in the people in the first video, as well as all the migrants pouring into the country now, is one I absolutely despise. It’s totally at odds with the ethos of the Judeo-Christian culture that has played a monumental role in creating the greatest country in the history of the world, and the attitude of these people perfectly fits with the greed that compels them to caravan north for “free” stuff.

I’m growing increasingly disillusioned, but at least the memes were good:

Image from X.

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