Trump-hating Biden can now take pointers on dealing with illegal immigration from the world's hellholes

Joe Biden has no idea and no plan to stop the unlimited illegal immigation that is now bankrupting America's blue cities and wreaking havoc on the turning-red border cities.

Destroying President Trump's sensible and effective policies for disincentivizing illegal migration, he's busing and flying in all comers in their millions, and besides the humongous cost, now faces the prospect of having imported a terrorism problem.

The latest example: This charmer here in Houston, who had been accepted as an asylum applicant under Joe's take-'em-all asylum policies, got handed a work permit, and then got busy planning terror attacks.

Biden's out of ideas, and the only one he's willing to entertain from Congress is how to speed along the "processing time" for illegal migrants into the U.S. under his 'catch and release policies, making the conveyor belt moving faster.

It won't work. But since he won't listen to Trump, it's not like there aren't other places that haven't figured out how to solve this problem. Maybe he take their examples as his models to imitate:

Start with Pakistan, a nation you wouldn't expect to have illegal immigrants in -- unless your crossover country was Taliban-led Afghanistan:

According to The Guardian:

Pakistan has begun arresting and deporting Afghan refugees who missed Wednesday morning’s deadline for them to leave, a government minister has announced. At least 200,000 people have already returned to Afghanistan voluntarily, said Pakistan’s acting interior minister, Sarfraz Bugti.

The crackdown on unregistered foreigners, part of Pakistan’s new anti-immigrant policy, affects some 2 million Afghans thought to be in Pakistan without documentation.

Bugti said: “There will be no compromise against illegal refugees. We have the data on who are staying illegally in Pakistan. We are going door to door, and we have done geofencing. We will detain and deport them. We have arrested dozens across the country so far, including in the capital.”

Afghans would be put in buses, trucks or whatever was available to transport them to the border, said Bugti, and authorities would be tracking them to ensure they did not return.

The total number expected to be deported, according to Foreign Policy is 1.7 million illegally present Afghan migrants. The Guardian wrings its hands that at least some of the migrants might be fleeing Taliban persecution. It's hard to say, given that the Taliban persecutes the entire country, but it's also just as likely that they are Taliban supporters, as has been seen in Europe, with pro-Hamas protestors flying the Taliban flag at anti-Semitic demonstrations.


Are these the people who were granted asylum in Europe because they were supposedly escaping persecution by the Taliban? That was what they claimed, but it's funny how they wave its flag. The Pakistanis said it was the West's job to take in refugees fleeing persecution from the Taliban. We all know how well that went with Joe Biden leading the Afghanistan pullout. It's dubious Biden wants to even bring in the translators, let alone the persecuted, He just chooses to let them enter unvetted and illegally, same as happened with the pullout.

That Pakistan solution, though is contagious. Another godawful place, Iran, has now launched mass deportations of its own.

Like Pakistan, even the loathesome mullahs of Iran have seen the destabilization the migrants cause and can discern that the migrants are economic, taking away local jobs. The locals are attacking them with sticks, which is pretty crummy. But the illegal migrants are leaving.

Iran, too, is a horrible place to be ... unless you come from Afghanistan.

But with Joe Biden around, not to worry. Fewer illegal migrants for Iran and Pakistan means more migrants for Joe, who still hasn't figured out how to handle the border surge, and judges every asylum claim a valid asylum claim, meaning, we could get all seven million.

Meanwhile, in Haiti, another less-than-lovely place to live, the authorities there have figured out that migrants going out are causing other problems, which are problems for the homeland.

According to the Miami Herald:

The Haitian government suspended all flights to Nicaragua on Monday amid rising concerns about a massive migration wave that has led to tens of thousands of Haitians using the Central American country as a springboard to the United States, according to a bulletin sent to the aviation community shared with the Miami Herald.

The Haiti-Nicaragua flights began in August and have grown from seven flights a day to as many as 15 daily charters. There are also charter flights from the neighboring Dominican Republic and the Turks and Caicos carrying Haitians, who pay as much as $4,000 per seat for the trip.

On Monday there had been at least five flights scheduled from Port-au-Prince to Managua’s Augusto Cesar Sandino International Airport. A Miami Herald reporter tallied more than 1,000 passengers waiting in an overflowing parking lot across from the departure terminal of the Toussaint Louverture International Airport in Haiti waiting to be called to board flights. 

Seems they were losing too many people. Over in Nicaragua, dictator Daniel Ortega had a sleazy little moneymaking operation going on to fly migrants to the states through Nicaragua, visa-free, charging them $3,000 or $4,000 up front for charter flights, knowing that they could easily head onward to the states without having to cross the dirty, dangerous Darien gap in Panama.  Ortega knew they wouldn't stay in Nicaragua, the hellhole he ran, not when the U.S. was within reach and Joe letting in all comers. Ortega not only made money from it, he launched "migrant warfare" against the states, sending tens of thousands of Haitian migrants into the U.S. illegally as leverage to pressure Joe Biden to drop sanctions on his hideous regime. He also sent plenty of his own nationals. Joe, of course, was clueless as to how to deal with the little dictator, as Ronald Reagan called him, quite unlike President Reagan, or for that matter, Haiti's leaders, who knew their nationals were being used.

Now Haiti has shut the scam down, very quietly, just shutting it down and saying nothing, something Joe could learn from, too, given that he prefers gaslighting to action.

The Haitian leaders supported the Americas consensus that Joe's migrant policies were destabilizing home as well as transit countries, never mind the U.S.

The Miami Herald described what the sentiment was this way, emphasis added:

At the Mexico migration talks, regional leaders complained about a Biden administration humanitarian-parole program rolled out in Janaury that allows entry into the U.S. to nationals from Cuba, Venezuela, Haiti and Nicaragua who meet certain criteria.

In a declaration signed by the leaders attending the Mexican summit, the leaders alleged that the program is encouraging irregular migration because it favor the four countries while leaving other nationalities vulnerable to deportation.

Obviously a lot of countries out there, including presumably very wretched ones, know all about the destabilization illegal immigration causes, but also how to deal with it -- which is decisively. Since Joe Biden won't pay attention to Trump, whose policies were effective, maybe he can take his lessons from Pakistan, Iran or Haiti. Quite unlike Joe, the third world shows how it's done. 






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