The Squad: Hamas' fifth column

The “Squad,” Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Jamaal Bowman, Ilhan Omar, Ayanna, Pressley, and Cori Bush, in supporting Hamas actions are clearly a fifth column in America. They are ignorant about the facts around the war of Israel against Hamas.

War is inevitable often under complex circumstances and only prevented by extraordinary creative work and efforts of human creatures that often fail. Once war is declared and acted upon, so called “rules of war” all but disappear in the fury of rage, hate, and violence. Evil can be aroused during war. There are seldom innocents in communities at war -- not even women, children, or the elderly. Wars most often only end with surrender negotiations, not peace negotiations.

The unresolvable conflicts between Israel and Palestine began centuries ago and particularly recurred violently since the creation of the two nation states in 1948 by the benevolent efforts of the United Nations. Wars and violence have repeatedly erupted against Israel ever since. October 7th, 2023 witnessed the emergence for the first time of pure evil by Hamas terrorists.

The brutal rape and murder of women after the prior murder of their husbands; the beheading of children and babies with some burned alive; the ripping open of a pregnant woman’s abdomen and the simultaneous killing of her baby and then her murder, marked the committing of pure evil by Hamas.  The Rubicon of pure evil was forever passed and everything sacred violated. There will be no effective cease-fires, no effective peace negotiations. Only surrender by or extinction of Hamas will bring resolution. Perhaps peace may occur in the future for Palestinians whom Hamas had ruled by vote, passive complicity, or deception.

Protests, demonstrations, and violent speech or behavior against Israel in America or around the world misses the horrible truth of history in the Holy Land as of October 7, 2023.   

"The Squad" led by Rashida Tlaib in America's Congress, and the treasonous pro-Palestinian pro-Hamas illegitimate crowds of ignorant or consciously evil protestors supporting the evil done to Israel by Hamas are clearly a Fifth Column in Iran's attack on Israel and America. Clearly, any Palestinian who voted for Hamas or who in cowardly fashion did not take up arms against such an evil regime as Hamas represents, deserve to suffer the consequences of what Israel chooses to do to destroy the baby killers and murders of innocents. The leftist mainstream American media who covers for them joins the Squad’s evil Fifth Column that supports Hamas-Iranian theocrats' pure terrorist evil against Israel and ultimately America.

Image: Secretname101

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