The left’s Palestinian cover girl has revealed herself to be a proud, ghoulish Nazi

Despite their fealty to “People of Color,” members of the media just love blonds, especially when those blonds are photogenic young women who slap around Israeli soldiers. No one was more beloved than Ahed Tamimi, a young woman from a village in the West Bank who got the star treatment after a video of her violent act went viral. The same outlets that once thrilled to her dynamism, though, have been strangely silent since she’s revealed an openly expressed, antisemitic genocidal bloodthirstiness that makes actual Nazis look kind of colorless.

Young Ahed is a member of the Tamimi clan that lives in Nabi Saley, a West Bank village. They’re not just any family. They are, in their own way, a famous family. They haven’t built a company that employs dozens, created art, or fed their community. They are, instead, terrorists.

Of course, that’s not how the left sees them. Ben Ehrenreich, a storied leftist “investigative reporter,” wrote about the clan as the avatars of a loving, peaceful movement that only wanted to remove Israel’s jackbooted feet from Palestinian necks.

The media adored the book. To do that, they overlooked the fact that the Tamimi family has been actively involved in violent terrorist attacks against Israelis, most notably the bombing of Sbarro Restaurant in Jerusalem, which killed 15 people, including seven children. Many of the victims were Americans. The Tamimi family has long been open about its lust for catastrophic violence against Jews—all Jews, not just those abutting the West Bank.

Image: Ahed Tamimi (edited) by Ggia. CC BY-SA 4.0.

One of the most famed of the Tamimi clan was young Ahed. She gained media attention early in her life because, in a community of people with dark skin and hair, Ahed was a startlingly blond child (probably a residue of the Crusaders who once fought in that land):

In this 2012 video, 12-year-old Ahed, wearing a shirt with the word “love” and a peace symbol, pulled back her fist to strike the soldier but didn’t. That changed in 2017 when she assaulted Israeli soldiers:

Ahed was arrested for assault, something that already speaks to the forbearance of Israelis. In many other places, the soldiers might have shot her. Ahed got a few months in prison for her assault. She also became a star—and not, as you might expect, only in the Muslim world.

Western leftists fell in love with her. Here’s just a sample of articles over the years from a variety of leftist outlets celebrating the “lioness” of Palestine:

Each article listed above (and there are hundreds to choose from) has photos of Tamimi looking beautiful, brave, heartbroken, or just beautifully broken. This Algerian article has a total glamour shot of her with her father that sums up the general attitude.

Interestingly, the same sites have been quiet about Tamimi’s latest activism. That would be her proud Instagram post, which she thoughtfully wrote in both Hebrew and Arabic:

Come on settlers, we will slaughter you. We are waiting for you in all the cities of the West Bank. What Hitler did to you was a picnic. We will drink your blood and eat your skulls.

This is the Palestinian version of blonds have more fun.

At this point, those leftists who celebrated Ahed have two choices. The first is to say, “Yeah, we’re good with that. Kill the Jews.”

The second is to get on their bellies and crawl to conservatives, saying, “Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. We were totally wrong about this and will do anything to gain absolution for our moral sin. And knowing how wrong we were about this, we’re probably wrong about our other beliefs, too.”

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