The J6 videos show Vivek is right about firing half the federal workforce

Within hours of House Speaker Mike Johnson releasing the videos of events in the Capitol on January 6, it became clear that the official narrative was a lie. With police officers welcoming in their unexpected guests, showing them around, and fist-bumping those from whom they’d just removed handcuffs…well, it was clear that the FBI and Justice Department were gaslighting Americans, whether about how the incursion into the Capitol happened or what took place once Americans were in there. This new information is another reminder that our federal bureaucracy is corrupt and that Vivek Ramaswamy is correct that we need to fire half (or more) of America’s federal workers.

What we were told was that January 6 was worse than the Civil War and Pearl Harbor…put together. (And I only just realized that the Democrats and Liz Cheney never mentioned it being worse than 9/11, which makes you wonder exactly how they view events on 9/11.) However, a lot of the now-revealed footage from inside the Capitol on January 6 shows a placid group of Americans walking through the people’s house:

Yes, there were people on January 6 intentionally doing mischief (although I wonder how many were government plants) but, for the most part, many found themselves carried along by the crowd and, once these patriots were inside, they were awed and honored to be in Congress.

What’s important to remember is that the FBI and the DOJ knew this all along. The truth, however, did not stop them. Determined to destroy Trump, his supporters, and Republicans generally, they embarked on a nationwide witch hunt that has lasted almost three years and destroyed thousands of lives. (And I say thousands because these prosecutions, like ripples on a pond, destroyed not just the defendants but everyone in the defendants’ lives.)

Indeed, the witch hunt was of such monumental importance to our corrupt DOJ and FBI that they willingly let go free an exceptionally vile child molester (even by child molester standards), one who was already hooked and on the verge of indictment, so that they could focus on January 6. You can see other examples of how corrupt our “justice” and intelligence agencies are here, here, and here. It speaks volumes about the quality of Republicans in the House that they just funded a giant new FBI building.

It’s not just the DOJ and FBI that have run amok, though. The Department of Education has presided for years over demonizing men and racializing and sexualizing children. The Bureau of Land Management has worked with the Biden administration to destroy America’s energy independence (as opposed to funding useless “renewable energy projects) and promotes transgenderism. Land management isn’t for America’s benefit; it’s to advance leftist ideas.

The Department of Energy is taking American money to spend on “zero emission” buses. The Pentagon is obsessed with climate change, race hatred, and LGBTQ+ sexuality, assuring us that having tanks that run out of fuel on the battlefield, troops who despise each other on racial grounds, and mentally ill people needing perpetual medical care will make us safer. And, of course, don’t even get me started on the IRS.

You can go through one department after another and find this type of nonsense…and that’s not even considering all the waste that is characteristic of the federal government in the best of times. For this reason, it’s time to think very seriously about Vivek Ramaswamy’s proposal to fire half of all federal employees, doing so in a random way that cannot be construed as targeted firing:

If it were up to me, I’d fire all of the employees in the Department of Education, which is irredeemably corrupt and completely unnecessary.

Our government is too big, too powerful, too unaccountable, and too filled with hate for normal Americans, the Constitution, and American values that were traditional and, until about 20 years ago, understood to be highly successful. Our government was set up so that We The People voted for our lawmakers. The administrative state, however, is the real power in America, and it is completely unaccountable to the ballot box.

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