The Daily Wire’s new comedy movie takes on men in women’s sports

The other day, someone asked me if it was worth getting a membership to the Daily Wire. After first urging him to get an American Thinker subscription, I said that, if he had some extra money, I strongly encourage supporting all forms of conservative media. That’s why I have a Daily Wire membership…and that membership is going to allow me to see Daily Wire’s first full-length comedy movie, Lady Ballers, which gleefully attacks the whole idea of men in women’s sports.

I’m not actually sure that this will be a good movie. The preview (below) is certainly funny, but a lot of the people involved are personalities, not actors, which means it might have more of a high-school talent show feel than that of a polished movie.

But you know what? I don’t care.

If conservative ideas—or, in the case of so-called transgenderism, sane, normal ideas—are going to take back American culture, we have to be there to support those ideas. Therefore, Lady Ballers needs a big audience.

I’ll be in that audience because, as I said, I already have a membership. And while I urge you to get a subscription to American Thinker as your top priority, I’ll forgive you if your budget extends only to one site and you opt for the Daily Wire (which is having a sale) so you can watch the movie. After all, we’ll always have our irritating advertisements to help pay the bills that keep this site going.

So, here’s the preview:

If you’re wondering about the all-star (actually, all-conservative-star) cast, Daily Wire provides the details:

Boreing plays the lead character, Coach Rob, while “Crain & Co.” hosts Jake Crain, Blain Crain, and David Cone join comedian Tyler Fischer and newcomer Daniel Considine as Lady Ballers players. The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh stars as woke beatnik, Kris; Instagram influencer Billie Rae Brandt debuts as the villainous journalist, Gwen Wilde; Lexie Contursi (La La Land) stars as Coach Rob’s ex-wife, Dharby; and Rosie Seraphine Harper debuts as Rob’s eight-year-old daughter, Winnie.

The trailer reveals a who’s who of conservative personalities — including Daily Wire stars Ben Shapiro, Brett Cooper, Michael Knowles, and Andrew Klavan, plus college women’s swim champ Riley Gaines, Senator Ted Cruz, Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon, with even more to be revealed in the film.

Image: X screen grab.

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