Taking the fight to academia: Targeting leftist institutions’ fabulous endowments

Fifty billion dollars. That is the size of some of the endowments held by our institutions of higher learning. The 15 largest university endowments in the US total over $325 billion dollars. In 2022, there were over 80 private universities and 50 state universities with endowments of over a billion dollars. All, of course, are untaxed. These universities often sit smack up against some of the most financially deprived and destitute ghettos in America—and every one of them is in a Democrat stronghold, be it a township or a major city.

What is $50 billion taxed at, say, 6%? Answer: $3,000,000,000 dollars. Exactly how much would the inner cities of Philadelphia, PA, Providence, RI, or New Haven, CT, benefit from that windfall? Decaying schools. Understaffed hospitals. Rotting infrastructure. Right alongside over $325 billion (that we are told of) of untapped revenue. Yale in New Haven and Penn in West Philly are perfect examples.

How exactly do bereft, minority populations exist alongside these Democrat temples of extreme (one might say obscene) wealth in Democrat political strongholds? Answer: Although both academia and inner-city minorities are lynchpins of Democrat power, one matters much more to the Democrat elite than the other, and that truth should cause a fatal case of reflux in the most ardent Democrat stalwart while representing an enormous opportunity for the Right.

Image: Yale Law School by Pradipta Mitra. CC BY-SA 3.0.

That embarrassing juxtaposition is the wooden horse that we need to maneuver inside the Democrat party/culture. Many recent American Thinker blogs decry conservatives’ passivity. Well, folks, I’m about to help go on offense. I ask every one of you to ask every woke relative/coworker/neighbor this question: Why are university endowments untouchable in terms of taxation when the communities (actual minority communities) in which they exist are so cash-strapped? And while you’re at it, pose this same question to your state and federal representatives, especially if they are Democrats.

All whom you ask will struggle to answer, for there really is no good reason!!! If the taxation were to injure small, less wealthy schools, then fine—limit it to endowments over $500 million. Exactly how many universities in the US sit on that dragon’s hoard of greater than 500 million? Hundreds.

This very idea is cancerous to the Dem establishment and its most beloved constituency—academia. So, let’s run with it. The idea of one Dem constituency pitted against another Dem constituency is just too perfect to pass up. And, moreover, it is eminently just and fair. And 2024 is coming on fast.

Oh, one final thought. Do you support your alma mater by donating? If you, as a conservative or as an American Thinker reader, support a university through any types of donations, you are part of the problem. And as the Hamas campus demonstrations reveal, it is quite a problem.

Oh, what the heck! Here’s one more really final thought. Do you know what word perfectly describes this cozy relationship between Dem political institutions, opulently wealthy academia, and Americans in the lower rungs struggling to survive financially? Hypocrisy. And I mean the choke-on-your-own-saliva style hypocrisy. The kind that the Democrat leftist establishment exhales with every breath. The Hate Has No Home Here, but don’t you dare send any illegal immigrant detritus into our community kind of hypocrisy. You know it. Now call it out.

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