So how much did the DoJ spend to arrest J6 protestor Gregory Yetman?

Three years after the January 6 protest that got out of control, the FBI has swooped in and moved to arrest one Gregory Yetman, allegedly for pepper-spraying a cop.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly has the scoop on what went down:



They cased the joint for three months, obviously working in shifts, probably some with overtime. They used helicopters. They used drones. They used drawn guns and flash bangs that damaged the property, despite getting no resistance from the occupants. They were heavily armed and heavily fortified. They spent time on paperwork. And there were a lot of them, based on the video within the tweet.

All of these things cost money, lots of money, probably millions, with each agent on the force drawing a six-figure salary. 

Is this an agency that has too much money and not enough to do? Not with an open border, zero knowledge of who's gotten in, and FBI Director Christopher Wray warning that he expects a terrorist attack based on the current scenario. There are child-smuggling sex rings and child-smuggling labor rings to probe. There is organized crime infesting the cities with mass shoplifting incidents that are out of control. The Chicoms have yet to have most of their illegal police stations shut down, and Chinese and other foreign spies are being caught left and right, suggesting there's a lot of this stuff going on, what with nobody having to pass a background check anymore before getting into the military and the rest of the government. There is antifa and its violent activities. There is political corruption up the wazoo in Congress and in the federal workforce with inside trading alone. And let's not get into the fentanyl rings that are taking hundreds of thousands of lives, as well as making Twitter censor and Special Agent Elvis Chan's trip to his San Francisco federal building office a no-go zone.

The bureau can't be investigating any of that? Why are they constantly caught spending money on useless and even legally questionable cases -- from the investigation of parents for protesting at school board meetings to the investigation of Latin Mass enthusiasts, both on terrorism charges, and now this obvious abuse of power against Yetman for political purposes in what should be a close-the-books, it's too old riot case. This targeted guy served honorably in the military and had no criminal record, yet here they go, spending millions to arrest and humilate him, with an undoubtedly draconian sentence headed his way in a rigged courtroom. 

It's so disgusting. And here we have Congress, led by Republicans, vote to authorize a $300 million building on grounds bigger than the Pentagon for this agency, fulfilling the Parkinson's Law maxim about the decline of organizations that build huge new headquarters. 

It's sad stuff. Congress needs to investigate this vast misuse of resources brought on by politically motivate priorities before authorizing one thin dime. Let them stay in their rat-infested building until they can remember what their mission is.

Image:  Twitter screen shot


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