‘Scottish’ politician Humza Yousaf vilifies the government for being too ‘white’

An “inclusive” society just means a world in which white people—but especially straight, white males—are excluded. Take a look at this rant from Humza Yousaf, a Minister in the Scottish government:

White people participating in society and governance too? The horror!

Now, for a little contextual backstory on Yousaf, relayed via Mandy Rhodes at Holyrood:

Yousaf’s parents were both immigrants who came to Glasgow in the ‘60s. His father arrived from Pakistan with his family in 1964 as typical Asian economic migrants simply seeking a better life post-partition while his mother’s family, who were of south Asian descent, fled from Kenya post-independence as hostilities towards Indians increased.

As we also learn from Rhodes’s piece, the “last straw” for Yousaf’s maternal grandparents before migrating to Scotland came when his grandmother was attacked with an ax by native Kenyans—and where else but the safety of a white Judeo-Christian nation.

Yousaf, the son of “blue-collar” migrants, received a solid education and made it all the way to the top level of the government thanks to the white culture and hospitality of its people; yet he has the audacity to complain about the country that made that all possible? Well, he’s a leftist, so of course he does.

Did he happen to notice that 95% of the Scottish population is… white? Did he take a moment to even think about what he was saying? (Again, he’s a leftist, so of course he didn’t.) It would be as absurd as me going to Kenya, with its 97% black population, and crying that all the government posts were black people.

A person’s skin color is first determined by genetics, but news flash, it also has everything to do with where different established populations live(d). Things are different now that global movement is as simple as hopping on a plane, but when populations were much more permanent in an area, you found that people who lived near the equator were dark, while people who lived in areas where the sun was not nearly as present, like modern-day Scotland, were much lighter.

For comparison, the average annual sunshine in Scotland is around 1,100 hours; in Pakistan, that number is nearly 3,100—solar exposure has had a tremendous impact on the adaptation of different people to their environments, so it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand why ethnic Scots would be whiter, while people from what’s now called Pakistan would be “browner” or darker. Darker skin has a “natural sun protection barrier” that acts as a “sunscreen” and according to one site, “black skin” is more than four times more protected than “white skin.”

Ya know, if he really hates whites that much, he could try Kenya, the place where his grandmother nearly got hacked to death with an ax—like I said, it’s 97% non-white!

Ironically, Yousaf is a product of the whiteness he hates so much.

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