Reaching out to union members

Democrats have done an amazing job of collecting intersectional grievance groups, picking at the scabs of discontent by convincing members that the Democrats alone can solve their grievances by expanding government power in service to their groups’ interest and concerns.

There are few if any grievance groups more wedded to the Democrat Party than unions. The Democrats may have once been the “party of the working man,” but today unions are a destructive force for workers and America.  

Union Members

Union “management” are just leftist apparatchiks serving Democrat Party interests, as such they will never be convinced that serving the party is not in their self-interest, because it is.

Union “members” on the other hand, who have long been directed to vote according to their union’s recommendations need to understand that their continued support of Democrat politicians and initiatives works against their long-term self-interest. While they may derive near-term benefits (increased pay and/or benefits), the long-term survival of their industries is in peril.

Auto Industry

Take the UAW contract recently ratified by Ford and General Motors. Much of what workers were fighting for was increased pay, due in large part to Bidenflation. Workers’ pay in all industries hasn’t kept up with inflation. While on the surface one might say that it is a good thing to bring workers’ wages on par with inflation, it will drastically increase the cost of the products they produce, placing further upward pressure on inflation.

Ford and GM, at the time of their negotiating with the UAW, announced massive losses, due in large part to Joe Biden’s Electric Vehicle mandates. Auto companies are being forced to increase production of EVs as consumers are signaling that they don’t want EVs. It will not end well for Detroit and expect to see a government auto-industry bailout before the end of Joe Biden’s term, increasing inflation further still.  

Teachers Unions

Amy Weingarten is the personification of all that is wrong with the Democrat Party and America’s teachers unions. Neither she or the Left care a whit about the education of America’s children, apart from leftist indoctrination. She worked to close schools during the pandemic. She forced vax and mask mandates on teachers and administrators. Children across America have fallen way behind their international peers.

Teachers, school nurses, and administrators -- the union does not give a whit about you, beyond your annual dues and obedience to toeing the Democrat Party line. If you love your work and the children in your charge, vote out these clowns and help restore America’s education system to its once-vaunted status.   

Nurse’s Unions

Nurses and healthcare workers -- where was your “representation” when your employers and the Feds were forcing you to take the jab?

Nurse’s unions have pushed left-wing causes and politicians for more than a decade. This has served union management but is destroying American healthcare.

Fast Food Unions

Fast food workers in California just get a raise to $20/hr. Again, while this seems a boon to workers in these entry-level positions, fast-food companies will have to recoup these costs elsewhere. We are already seeing automation replace workers as restaurants invest in robots and kiosks.

Social media just went bonkers over $18 McDonalds Value Meal. Wait until these wage increases take effect. The average fast-food worker won’t be able to afford the food that he/she produces.

Unions, by their support of predominantly left-wing causes, are as destructive a force as any within our body politic. Management benefits from this association. Stop voting for your own demise.

Image: Library of Congress

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