Poll shows that 75% of Palestinians support the October 7 terror attack

In the wake of Hamas's October 7 terror attack on Israeli civilians, with its mass rapes, murders, kidnappings, and other atrocities, it would seem pretty natural to think that the "ordinary" Palestinians would turn against Hamas, which is as evil an organization as ISIS. Hamas members even admit it.

Bzzt! Wrong.

The specter of Jewish bloodshed seems to have strengthened their support for Hamas.

According to the Elder of Ziyon blog:

A new poll from AWRAD, Arab World for Research and Development, shows that the vast majority of Palestinians support the October 7 pogrom. 75% of all Palestinians supported the massacre while only 12.7% opposed it.

Source: AWRAD

Which is shocking: How could anyone decent support this?



What kind of monster supports this?





I haven't even brought up the baby and child beheadings, the tying up of mothers and children and burning them alive, the setting of safe rooms alight, the home invasions, the lootings, the baking of a baby in an oven. The atrocities were unspeakable and every creature involved here is a criminal who needs to be brought to justice. 

We did, however, see the dancing, the celebrations, the spitting and dancing on the bodies of the dead such as happened to murdered and eventually beheaded young music festival-goer Shani Louk.

Maybe just the heat of the moment? Not according to this poll. The dancers and celebrants are in the majority, and as the writer at Elder of Ziyon notes, the sentiment is even worse in the supposedly "moderate" West Bank than it is in Gaza. That's the home of this much-decorated windbag and apologist for terrorists, Hanan Ashrawi, who is feted in the West.

They support mass murder. They support Hamas. They support all of their aid money getting stolen by Hamas leaders, who have made themselves billionaires and now ensconce themselves in the safe and sybaratic comforts of Qatar. They support this even as it has brought war to their homeland and rained down countless bombs in the quest to stop the killers from killing again. Normally, that should end support for this terror group, but not with these guys. They are haters with the anti-Semitic bug in them.

Obviously, this poll simplifies matters. Nearly every Palestinian in Gaza and the West Bank supports and obviously is part of the terror network, a combatant, someone who would do the same as the Hamas paragliders and gladly commit atrocities if given the opportunity, someone whose aim is actually genocide against their neighbors.

Israel is entitled to a free hand against its attackers without undue concern for "civilians," given that most all of them are combatants and supporters of the unspeakable, civilian or not. 

So when Joe Biden calls for a 'ceasefire' to protect civilians, he's calling for protection for defenders and promoters of terrorism, which is a pretty outrageous stance. When the pope calls for 'peace' on all sides, it's somehow only Israel that the remarks are directed to -- this murderous hate seen on the Palestinian side, which has led to the war it is in now, is somehow never addressed.

It's infuriating. These people support rape and murder, and nobody says a thing.

Worse still, recall that Joe Biden wants to import these people into the states, while Egypt and Jordan, who know the deal about the vast majority of them, have wisely shut the door.

There are very few innocent civilians and opponents of mass murder inside these Palestinian enclaves that the world's protestors are protesting about. That so many support Hamas is astonishing, yet somehow, they are sure the West will come to their aid because it always does, no matter how murderous their attitudes, and no matter how much they hate America, which, as the Elder of Ziyon's post shows, has another poll showing zero support for the U.S. from these guys, that's the U.S. which pays so many of their bills.

It's time to cut them off and shut down the visas, too, except for those who can provably show that they have opposed and spoken out against this evil regime. As for what Israel does, Israel should be able to make its own decisions on this without interference from Joe Biden or any idiot who can't read poll numbers out in the West.

As Elder of Ziyon concludes:

As I've been emphasizing, the obstacle to peace isn't Israel. It is Palestinian Jew-hatred, hatred that predates the "occupation" and "siege" and "nakba." Unless there is a new Palestinian leadership and a generation of Palestinians who grow up learning about coexistence and tolerance, there is no chance for peace. 

He puts his finger on it. They can't come crying to us about civilian deaths from Israel when they have this kind of hatred to start with.

Image: Pamela Geller, via Twitter screen shot





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