Please, don't come to Boston for the springtime

Up in Massachusetts, the "migrant crisis," as they call it these days, has a Democrat screaming and screaming. This is the story:

As Massachusetts housing facilities brace for maxed-out capacity as early as this week, the governor of the "right-to-shelter" state is suggesting there are "a lot" of other places in the U.S. migrants should be sent.

Gov. Maura Healy announced this week there are 40 to 50 new families arriving in the state every day and seeking state assistance with housing, and the influx of people to Massachusetts -- many without a lawful presence in the U.S. -- has pushed the state’s shelter system close to its 7,500-family limit, according to a report in the Boston Herald

Yes it's a "you know what" when demagoguery meets reality.  All of a sudden everybody is a border state. Where did we hear that before?

Honestly, I don't blame the migrants. They've been lied to, from the human trafficking masters who took their money to Democrat politicians exploiting the issue. They were told to come, claim asylum, and wait for the judge to hear their case.  So they came.   

It's the Democrats to blame here. They sang the sanctuary city song never realizing that people would actually listen to the lyrics.

Deal with it, Democrats. You created this problem and the federal government is not going to bail you out.

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Image: Aaron Fulkerson

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