NBC poll reveals record-high level of gun ownership, Harvard poll finds majority of all voters regardless of party find owning a gun ‘necessary’

It’s sure easy to be a leftist when you live in a Judeo-Christian society, or in an area with established (and upheld) law and order rooted in Judeo-Chrisitian morality. This is why the “Queers for Palestine” March in America and not the Gaza strip, and it’s why West Coast “progressives” flee to the red states and criticize and protest “racist” and “xenophobic” conservative beliefs and policies. 

But when those leftists are forced to lay in the lawless bed they made? Things apparently start to change. According to an NBC News report published yesterday, gun ownership among voting Americans is at a “record high” number:

More than half of American voters -- 52% -- say they or someone in their household owns a gun, per the latest NBC News national poll.

That's the highest share of voters who say that they or someone in their household owns a gun in the history of the NBC News poll, on a question dating back to 1999.

(In 2013, that number was 42%.)

I absolutely love to hear it, but what was even more noteworthy though, is that the numbers for the Democrat voters reflected a rise which was almost as sharp as that of Republican voters. In March of 2004, 33% of Democrats either owned a gun or acknowledged someone in their household did; almost twenty years later, in November 2020, that number jumped to 41%. (For Democrats, it was an eight-point increase, for Republicans it was nine points.)

The poll was a joint effort between a Republican firm and a Democrat one, and here’s what else we learned:

In the last ten years, we’ve grown [10 points] in gun ownership. That’s a very stunning number,’ said Micah Roberts of Public Opinion Strategies, a Republican polling firm that co-conducted the poll with members of the Democratic polling firm Hart Research.

‘By and large, things don’t change that dramatically that quickly when it comes to something as fundamental as whether you own a gun,’ Roberts added.

So what is causing the uptick in gun ownership? Especially among a political faction that is typically very anti-gun? Could it have anything to do with the brazen criminality plaguing the country?

Well, duh. A Harvard poll from last week found this, via Breitbart:

Researchers asked, ‘Do you think you need to have a gun today in case you are attacked by criminals, or do you think owning a gun is unnecessary?’

A majority of voters across the board–whether Democrat, Republican, or independent–answered in the affirmative.

Broken down by party affiliation, 54 percent of Democrats said owning a gun is necessary, 77 percent of Republicans, and 56 percent of independents.

Turns out it’s easy to vote for pro-crime policies when you’re riding on the coattails of a Republican mayor (Rudy Giuliani) whose zero-tolerance conservatism created one of the safest big cities in the world, or when you live in an area where the virtues of the “religious right” dominate the culture… But when stabbings, carjackings, and murder go through the roof, and your imported neighbors don’t have any respect for or belief in American values because of Democrat policies—you go buy a gun.

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