Masks never worked, and The Times declares school closures were ‘most damaging’ in history

There was never any scientific evidence that said masks would stop the spread, now a major new study shows that masks don’t stop COVID transmission, but do you think the mandators will apologize? From a Washington Examiner report:

A dozen scientists from around the world conducted a massive metastudy of our efforts to fight COVID, as well as similar efforts to fight the flu, and they published the results in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews.

So, what did the studies find?

For starters, hand-washing was effective in stopping the spread of these illnesses. That’s not surprising.

But here’s the most eye-opening finding: ‘Wearing masks in the community probably makes little or no difference to the outcome of influenza‐like illness/COVID‐19-like illness compared to not wearing masks.’ In other words, masks didn't do much — if anything.

But that wasn’t the only useless measure, because there was never scientific data to support a six foot or three foot separation, which were arbitrary rules. A Forbes headline read, “CDC’s Six-Foot Social Distancing Rule Was ‘Arbitrary’, Says Former FDA Commissioner”.

There was also never any scientific data that said plexiglass could prevent the spread, and in fact, some doctors asserted it was “counterproductive” as it changed air flow in a room.

There scientific evidence indicated COVID did not easily spread on surfaces, but that didn’t stop compulsive edicts.

How much money was wasted, and trash created, from the mandates caused by the above lies?

How many businesses were closed or destroyed because of the above lies?

Small businesses were decimated because of the mandates while many corporations like social media giants, technology companies, and Amazon got much richer. (We call this a transfer of wealth.)

Churches were forbidden from holding services. How many fewer people today go to church because they got out of the habit?

How many people were fired because they made the choice not to get a vaccine? I thought Democrats believe that people should be able to make choices on their health care, or is that only for abortion?

Media companies colluded with the government to shut up anyone who disagreed with the government pronouncements. 

The media, Fauci, and government officials shut down or delayed an investigation of the Wuhan lab as the source of COVID by intentionally lying and claiming that it was a disproven conspiracy. How many people died or got sick from COVID or a future virus because crucial information was hidden from them by those in positions of power? All so Fauci’s involvement in and U.S. funding of the lab wouldn’t be known?

How many elderly people died alone because grandchildren and children were kept away from them?

Why did the CDC all of a sudden include deaths remotely related to or assumed to be related to COVID as caused by COVID? Was it to goose the numbers to get the public to capitulate?

Now, after over three years after the closing of schools, and after a huge number of people knew of the damage, The New York Times finally reports the truth. From a Fox News item:

NY Times says school COVID closures may be ‘most damaging disruption’ to kids’ education in U.S. history

The Times lamented the learning losses stemming from the closures after pushing for the closures during the pandemic’s height[.]

Citing the CDC, the Times said, ‘more than 40 percent of high school students had persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness; 22 percent had seriously considered suicide; 10 percent reported that they had attempted suicide.’

What took them so long? Why haven’t people been fired for causing this damage?

The government gave schools massive amounts of money during COVID and they kept the schools closed. It was obvious this would cause immeasurable damage, especially to those already struggling, but the Democrats, at the behest of the unions, kept them closed.

When Ron DeSantis and other Republicans reopened schools rapidly, they were accused by the media and others of wanting people to die.

If the media and other Democrats really wanted to help poor children and minorities they would stop blocking them from going to better schools.

How many losses have commercial real estate owners sustained because of remote work?

Why are so many workers still staying home, especially government workers, when it is clearly safe to go to the office (as it always has been), and when it is clearly so destructive to mental health and the economy?

What about this?

Report: Government Flubs Enabled China Disease Lab in California

The federal government failed to notice an unlicensed bio lab in Reedley, California, which stored many communicable diseases and was created by a fugitive Chinese citizen with close ties to China’s government, according to a congressional report.

Why did they ignore warnings about a Chinese biolab? How many other Chinese labs are there?

Essentially, most of what politicians and bureaucrats told us about COVID, that they said was based on science, was completely false.

Does anyone believe that politicians and bureaucrats who were willing to spread so many lies about science and COVID wouldn’t be willing to spread lies about other things too?

Aside from all of that, there is no clause in the Constitution that permits the federal government to act like a dictatorship through “mandates” and “executive orders” once a virus comes along... for good reason.

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