Man confronts Just Stop Oil ‘idiots’ and says what we’ve all been thinking

One of the more unfortunate realities of living in the modern world is that the leftist activists of today’s day and age not only perpetuate ideas that have failed miserably (100% of the time) when they’ve been implemented in times past, but these ideologues are also disturbingly mindless, which really removes any opportunity to intelligently debate.

Nowhere is that more evident than the group known as Just Stop Oil, because its activists use an inordinate amount of oil-based products to protest the production of oil. But finally, someone has brought that to their attention, and you do not want to miss this:

Apparently this man is Danny Shine, and he finally said what we’ve all been thinking:

“All your stuff is made out of oil you idiot!”

“What the hell are you doing here making a nuisance out of yourselves? It’s a joke! What a joke!”

Members of the Just Stop Oil group have glued their hands to the pavement (and other things) using plastic-based adhesives, which means petroleum; they’ve thrown soup all over famous paintings, which means petroleum for the label and the transport from plant to distribution center and distribution center to grocer; and they blast oil-based paint on the façades of buildings and monuments. If you didn’t know what these activists were protesting, the last thing you’d suspect (based on their actions) is that they wanted to eliminate crude oil from the equation.

You don’t protest oil by using it, you protest oil by not using it! It’s amazing that I even have to say that out loud.

Now as I started to list out the ways these Just Stop Oil activists are using oil, I quickly realized it’s a fool’s errand, because unless you’re living in the woods (as Shine suggested) with literally zero modern amenities, then you’re relying on oil. From their Hi Vis clothing to the banners with the printed messages, from the food they certainly ate before the protest to the iPhones in their pockets, oil played the most crucial role and without oil, these activists would have none of those things. 

We need more men and women like Danny Shine, people willing to call out, and ridicule, the absolute madness of the left and its useful idiots. I certainly don’t find Saul Alinsky to be a moral icon, but he had one thing right when he recognized that “ridicule” is a “potent weapon” to advance an agenda, and boy oh boy does the left make it easy for us.

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