Louisville police release Connor Sturgeon’s ‘journal’ and we learn the motive behind the shooting rampage was… leftism

Mere weeks after damning contents from Audrey Hale’s manifesto leaked online, we now have some of the pages from the “journal” of Connor Sturgeon, the alleged Louisville bank shooter, and both documents point to a clear motive behind the murder sprees: leftism and its accompanying theories.

Reported yesterday by AWR Hawkins at Breitbart News:

The journal of Connor Sturgeon, the 25-year-old Louisville mass shooter, has been released by law enforcement and it shows that he targeted ‘upper class white people’ in hopes of securing more gun control.

In an April 3, 2023, entry, he cited his frustration over the ‘climate disaster’ and ‘gun access.’

Sturgeon wrote, ‘I have decided to make an impact. But because I was depressed and able to buy (guns?) they are gone. Perhaps this is the impact for change–upper class white people dying.’

(Furthermore, according to the full report released by the Louisville Metro Police Department, Sturgeon’s parents “were aware of his distaste for current gun laws.”)

Andrea Widburg wrote an excellent essay on Hale’s scrawlings which noticeably featured anti-white hatred; at one point, the alleged killer even used the phrase, “white privilege.” Now, wouldn’t you know, the same “woke” theme (among others) appeared in Sturgeon’s writings.

Here’s a post to X in which the two writings are juxtaposed:

When the woke (leftist) mind virus activates, the host becomes a killer. Mowing down innocent people to make a point that the “Republicans” and their gun agenda is a danger to the wellbeing of innocent people? Murdering people for gun control—pretty paradoxical if you ask me, and completely consistent with how leftists think.

Why does human sacrifice always play the most central role in the leftist agenda and their vision of a utopia?

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