Leading pedophile forum discusses ‘benefits’ of ‘puberty-blockers’ for pre-pubescent boys

I assume that given the title, you as the reader understand that the story covered herein is terribly distressing, but I want to iterate the point for the sake of propriety; I also want to stress that the people boxed in by the “progressive” left as the “religious right” deserve a huge and groveling apology.

We told them so, and to be frank, I’m really sick of this dance with the “progressive” left. We take on the mantle of the long-sufferer, speaking softly and using little words as we try to coax them into being halfway decent (or at the very least not supporting pedophilia)… but they’re too empty of thought and full of pride that they emerge from the exchange just as dumb as ever… with their sense of pseudo-superiority intact. And, as a result, we have to read stories like this, reported by Genevieve Gluck at Reduxx:

EXCLUSIVE: Pedophiles Debate ‘Benefits’ of Puberty-Halting Drugs on ‘Boy Love’ Forum

Men involved in one of the longest-running homosexual pro-pedophilia forums have recently been discussing the ‘benefits’ of drugs to halt a child’s puberty. BoyChat, which has been in operation since 1995, was founded by a self-described ‘boy lover’ and operates as a network for men to connect and discuss their pedophilic interest in boys as well as strategies for promoting the normalization of pedophilia.

The message board touts itself as “the most successful forum for boylovers on the Internet” and last month, one of the anonymous users began a discussion arguing for “puberty blockers” to be made available “on demand” for children to decide “when, or if” they want to go through puberty. As you can imagine, the responses were obscene and unbelievably disturbing.

Some of the respondents dissented:

‘I don’t see puberty as a disaster in terms of boyish beauty. Indeed, very much the contrary :). And it seems to me that the developing mind and body and emotions of the adolescent boy, which require adult masculine guidance, provides a vital raison d’etre for pederasty.’

Others concurred, applauding the use of drugs as it would allow these “boy lovers” to engage in sexual relations with males who look as young and undeveloped as possible.

Didn’t we try telling the normies that the militant “trans” agenda was all about sexualizing children? That it wasn’t about “acceptance” or progress, but rather it was a calculated grooming campaign to normalize pedophilia? Grown men fantasizing about children using “puberty blockers” to delay sexual maturation isn’t a red flag to the pro-trans agenda crowd? Can’t they conceive that maybe, just maybe, adults pushing “cross-sex” synthetic hormones on children is indicative of a culture where perverts run amok?

There are many things I despise about the inconsistent and ignorant worldview of the average American leftist, most obviously their expressed or tacit support of pedophilia (of which any leftist remaining silent on the fraud of the 2020 election because it suits their anti-Trump agenda is guilty), but I also detest their labels with no foundation in reason or reality—in regards to the “trans” agenda and as I noted earlier, being against the sexualization of children somehow makes you lumped under the umbrella of the “religious right” but news flash, there are atheists who are completely against this garbage, and standing for the preservation of childhood innocence isn’t because I believe in the very limited government of the American founders, but because I believe in protecting any and all children from pedophilic predators.

Unsurprisingly, the logo adopted by BoyChat is a symbol known by the FBI as one used to signal from one pedophile to the next that he/she is a “boy lover” and the more childlike the scrawl… the younger the boy.

Can one ever be rehabilitated from leftist indoctrination? The jury’s still out….

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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