John Eastman’s bar trial exposes Democrats’ process-rigging ignominy

The California Bar, seemingly acting as a surrogate for the Democrat Party and other Trump Derangement Syndrome forces, will regret tangling with Professor John Eastman. The constitutional scholar and former clerk to Justice Clarence Thomas was on trial since June until last week before a State Bar Court for his role in advising President Trump about the duties of the Vice President in counting electors on the now-infamous January 6, 2021.

The kangaroo court trial before Judge Yvette D. Roland was a disgraceful example of partisan misinformation masquerading as legal ethics. The Bar botched things so badly, however, that Democrat fixer, CBS News anchor Scott Pelley, was called upon to smear Eastman in a 60 Minute segment that aired this past Sunday night after the trial had concluded.

The highly respected former law school dean Eastman faces potential disbarment for providing his client options about decisions under the 12th Amendment to the Constitution for the President of the Senate (i.e., then-Vice President Mike Pence) under the clause, “open all the [state Elector] certificates and the votes shall then be counted.” That application of that clause was a central constitutional issue for the fateful J6.

Throughout the trial Judge Roland showed her somewhat blasé but frequently blatant bias in her decisions about allowing evidence in for the California Bar and excluding evidence from Eastman’s lawyers.

She got the memo. She clearly understood her party’s expectations that her role was not to mete out justice, but to be an elections “hanging judge” against Eastman. Democrats like their rigging, and Eastman is all-but-assured to lose at this State Bar trial level.

The trial was live-streamed, but Judge Roland forbade its being recorded, which of course will help hide how Eastman not only proved his innocence in this Bar matter, but actually ended up showing how wrong the 2020 election-rigging deniers have been.

The fact that Judge Roland allowed proceedings to continue for so long after it was clear early on that Eastman was innocent merely shows how corrupt the purposes of this trial were. Pelley’s dishonest 60 Minutes segment was fake news cover from the MSM in case it leaked out to the public that the trial was a sham.

The best memorialized coverage of the trial was provided by Rachel Alexander through her live tweeting on X (@Rach_IC) and her excellent summary articles at @ArizonaSunTimes. Her review of the 60 Minutes segment not only shreds the pompous Pelley’s credibility on Eastman’s case, but provides a superb yet brief analysis of the superior evidence and expert testimony put on by Eastman and his lawyers. Especially for those who’ve not followed the trial, it’s a terrific summary.

Eastman did what lawyers are not merely trained to do, but are expected to do. He took a difficult issue in an area of unsettled law and objectively raised the prevailing arguments supporting his client. Rachel’s most recent article shows that clearly.

That’s how landmark caselaw is achieved. The Democrat Party was, once upon a time, a proponent of this process of protecting arguments about unsettled constitutional law. Now, to their shame, they are rigging multiple systems and processes of justice and democracy all in the name of grabbing and holding power.

The California Bar trial will backfire against those doing the rigging. What John Eastman did during his trial is provide a roadmap for exposing the 2020 election rigging and illegalities. His use of facts, experts, and his superior knowledge of the issues has allowed us to see that the election-illegalities deniers are more interested in covering up unlawfulness than achieving justice.

Eastman is also fighting the “unprecedented weaponization of criminal law by radical District Attorney in Fulton County, Georgia,” Fani Willis. I urge everyone to sign up for updates from Professor Eastman and donate at the

Image: JEastman

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