Joe Biden uses Veterans Day as an opportunity to attack President Trump as someone who doesn’t ‘respect our troops’

In Bidenland, Veterans Day isn’t a day to honor and thank American veterans for their service, it’s a day to kick the pace of the millstone donkey’s up a notch at the ol’ rumor mill and reanimate low-rent Atlantic hearsay to… attack President Trump. You can view the ad below:

First off, and I hate to state the obvious, but if Joe Biden is running attack ads against Trump before the Republican nominee has even been chosen, it’s clear that the Democrats view Trump as the most dangerous opponent—now if dementia Joe and his airheaded staffers can figure that out, what does that say for Ronna McDaniel and the rest of the GOP executives still holding debates and events as if there’s some question as to who the nominee should be? Seems like mutinous behavior instead of incompetence if you ask me….

What’s funny is all the quoted material in the video comes from an Atlantic report, and it’s all hearsay! A leftwing outlet known for its anti-conservative slant, asserting that “four people with firsthand knowledge” heard Trump say awful things… is somehow legitimate and reliable intelligence? Only in Bidenland I guess. Isn’t the “anonymous sources” tactic a little overused at this point? (Laptop from Hell, the “pee” dossier, etc.)

The only verifiable bit of information in Biden’s ad was a clip of Trump lambasting John McCain as not actually being a war hero, and frankly, it’s a statement with which I’d agree. Somehow McCain is a “hero” because he didn’t use his privilege and position as the son of a high-ranking admiral to secure his release and leave the soldiers under his command behind? To have taken the opportunity to go home meant he could have never shown his face again; was McCain really staying behind as a POW because he was committed to America and his countrymen, or because of his own hubris? McCain showed how quickly he’d betray the Constitution and the American people—he campaigned against Obamacare, then voted to sustain it instead—so “war hero” seems like quite a stretch. McCain is a traitor, in the truest sense of the word. He didn’t have any loyalty as a “civil servant” in Washington, so what makes anyone think he did when he “served” in the military?

But most relevant to the disgraceful video are these questions:

Who dodged the draft five times?

Who grew visibly bored and checked his watch as the remains of service members were unloaded from a military plane?

Who held careers and retirements hostage to force service members to participate in experimental pharmaceutical trials with a high risk of injury and death?

Who chaotically pulled out of Afghanistan leaving behind tens of billions of dollars of equipment and arms, and allowing Muslim terrorists to blow our service members to pieces during the manufactured disorder?

Who neglected to salute a service member during a Veterans Day event?

Who called an audience of service members “stupid bastards” on camera, to their faces?

Who homosexualized, “diversified,” and “trans-ified” the military, contributing to serious recruitment crises?

Joe Biden to all of the above, and the irony that he would run an ad accusing Trump of not respecting the military is just laughable… if it weren’t actually heartbreaking and maddening.

The role of leadership is meant to be a sacrificial one, and a despot demanding servitude is a joke and a poor example of how a leader should behave; naturally, Biden is the latter not the former. Yet, you know who is a great example of the former? See below:

Image: X video screen grab.

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