Joe Biden (once again) lusts after a little girl and announces he ‘loves’ her ‘ears’

For a man who is so woefully unaware of his surroundings, Joe Biden sure hones in on children rapidly, and with astonishing accuracy. While speaking to a staged crowd of military members and their families at a recent event in Norfolk, Biden immediately zeroed in on a young girl wearing kitty-cat ears, and the scene was uncomfortable and disturbing (per usual). See below:

Biden is a textbook example of how not to act around children—he’s the stereotype of a child predator. As one user wrote:

Prior to learning her age, I guessed this little girl was around five or six years old; therefore, naturally, Biden found it appropriate to joke about her being a teenager about to be “legal.” You then hear an innocent child’s voice in the background correct him and say “no she’s six”—thanks kid, but the old confused man wasn’t genuinely asking, he was just being a pervert. It’s pretty clear the little girl understood, because as he gets closer, you see she wraps her arms around herself—it looks like she’s simulating a protective hug.

Also… “That’s my mommy’s name”?? What kind of a grown man calls his mother “mommy”? This is giving Oedipus Rex vibes.

At the same event, he also drops the “I like kids better than people” one-liner again before announcing his desire to stay and watch “Wonka” with the children, but unfortunately, he’s not “gonna get to do that….” Seriously, thank God.

Now this comes just days after he attended APEC in San Francisco, an event at which he picked his nose, during a photo op, then wagged his booger-finger around haphazardly, scaring the world leaders next to him:

Did you see the gentlemen to Biden’s left? He definitely had eyes on that finger (I would have too), and as Biden swings about (everyone knows a dementia patient is unpredictable), this guy adjusts his posture to keep the booger-picker with the dirty finger in his peripheral. How awful, truly!

What I find so interesting though is that so often, critics will suggest that the reason we have Joe Biden in the White House is because this pathetic, bottom-of-the-barrel scum is the best the left could produce—however, I’m not so sure. For a party and ideology that promotes the sexual abuse of children everywhere (“gender-affirming healthcare,” pornography in schools and libraries, toddler “drag” story time, “pedophilia” is just a preference mantra, etc.), Creepy Joe is actually the best man for the job.

Image from X.

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