Jack Smith wants to know if you ever 'liked' any tweet by Trump

If there's any doubt that the creatures currently persecuting President Trump through the courts are less after him than they are after us, prosecutor Jack Smith provides the assurance.

Here's his latest stunt:


It's as outrageous a demand as any ever seen in an outrageous case, with horrible implications for Constitutional protections and freedom itself in the U.S.

If this creep gets what he wants, that means everyone who ever clicked "like" on a tweet by President Trump during his years in office now has become a legal target, a dossier, a part of some database, easily searched for easy pinning for whatever the plug-in-the-crime this Vishinsky-wannabe can come up with. U.S. citizens will have no legal protections.

This sounds so Soviet it can't be real. But of course, it is, and it tells us a lot about the low quality of Smith's case and what it's about.

After all, a "like" is no proof of liking anything -- many people click 'like' idly without too much thought or else use the 'like' button to be able to come back to the tweet for whatever reason, an easy bookmark of sorts, a quick substitute for the more cumbersome, multi-click bookmark function on the platform. Maybe they 'like' the negative comments -- it simply offers no proof that they liked the tweet or agreed with it.

But even if they did click 'like' because they liked, do the users not have the right to 'like' a tweet by a duly elected president of the United States without ending up in a prosecutor's database? This isn't the Taliban or Mexico's cartels, where a 'like' might mean something, though for the same reasons described above, it proves nothing.

What happens to this database after Smith is done with it? Does it get leaked to Media Matters or NewsGuard or the Stanford Observatory, the Democrats' incipient censors? Leaks are very common in this prosecution of Trump and they all come from the prosecutorial side. Don't tell us this data will be protected. 

And since Twitter is public, why the hell can't Smith do his own searches without harassing Twitter's (now 'X's) owner, Elon Musk for company data? Smith could do it easily, but the question remains why he should, making every person who clicks 'like' a suspect.

The demand is so overreaching, so outrageous, it amounts to an unreasonable search and seizure, as well as an illegal surveillance operation, all violations of the Constitution that Smith is purportedly defending.

Presumably, he wants to use some people's 'likes' to provide proof of plotting with President Trump, who's already guilty in his mind, to overthrow the government, and thus, prosecute and jail them with the aid of an overly friendly judge and stacked jury.

Something like that is bound to have a chilling effect on free speech on Twitter and thus, shut participation down. Who, after all, would want to even look at Twitter if people are getting prosecuted for their 'likes'? Last we heard, clicking 'like' (and expressing a strong opinion) was legal in the states.

But this is Jack Smith, eurotrash-trained and determined to bring the Soviet/eurotrash style of intense big-state surveillance. Richard Grennell, the former director of national intelligence for President Trump, noticed the ethos:



War correspondent Lara Logan had a proper war correspondent's response:



That's because this is war -- on us. And if that judge approves that outrageous request, such a war will intensify.

Jack Smith ought to be fired for this garbage, but of course he will not be. With that the reality, the case for defunding his power-mad office for this stunt by Congress grows. They need to stop this blatant violation of the First Amendment now.

Image: Twitter screen shot  

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