Is there really a new plague coming out of China, or is this a con job?

In December 2019, right before a presidential election that seemed certain to reelect a president who was trying to corral China, we started seeing videos from China showing people crowding emergency rooms and collapsing on streets. By the time COVID madness ended, it had almost upended the West, along with destroying Trump’s reelection and vastly increasing China’s reach. Now it’s December 2023, right before a presidential election that might reinstate a president who will again try to corral China, and we’re starting to see videos from China showing children crowding emergency rooms. Color me cynical, but I smell a rat.

Here are some examples of that footage:

I have two theories about what’s going on—and keep in mind that my theories are probably just as good as Miss Anne Elk’s theories about dinosaurs from the famous Monty Python sketch.

Theory No. 1: China is telling the truth when it says this is just a seasonal flu:

Beijing insists a new virus is not to blame for scenes of chaos, which have prompted officials to encourage residents to don coverings, socially distance and stay home if unwell.

Instead, health chiefs have pinned the rise on flu and other routine bugs, with China now battling its first full winter without a Covid-induced lockdown.

That’s entirely believable. The flu ebbs and flows, with some years being worse than others. This may just be a bad year. And because this is the first time children have been fully exposed to the flu virus without a lockdown, their immune systems may be inadequately developed, making them especially vulnerable. It probably doesn’t help that China has a socialized medicine system. Waiting rooms tend to be crowded when there’s no profit motive to move things along.

Of course, with COVID, China also engaged in the denial, denial, denial game, all while making sure that everyone knew it was responding to the worst plague since the Black Death, complete with people hauled away in vans and howling citizens locked in darkened cities. The effect on the West was powerful and destructive, which leads me to Theory No. 2.

Theory No. 2: What we are seeing is the first act in a replay of the COVID epidemic. This time, however, because China knows that it won’t be able to stir up the same level of panic with a virus that hits the general population, the new narrative is that this is a virus that targets children.

For all we know, the footage from Tianjin Hospital, while real, was manipulated because authorities told the city’s parents that only this one hospital would treat sick children. The other hospitals might have had empty emergency rooms.

Yes, that’s completely hypothetical on my part but, as I said, I’m cynical. I feel strongly the old saying that goes, “Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” The feeling of déjà vu all over again that I’m currently experiencing simply doesn’t allow me to look upon this footage with anything but a jaundiced eye.

Image: X screen grab.

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