Illinois man in drag makes repeated (horrific) threats of child rape and school shootings, likely to walk away with a fine

Less than 24 hours ago I wrote a blog on the contents of Connor Sturgeon’s journal, which have just been released to the public by the Louisville Metro Police Department; what did his writings reveal? We learned that Sturgeon, like Nashville school shooter Audrey Hale, was driven to kill by the narrative sold by modern leftism, also known as “the woke mind virus.” Hale’s “manifesto” featured anti-white hatred, at one point even referencing “white privilege,” while Sturgeon’s journal contained anger over the “climate disaster” and his perceived laxity of current gun laws—which is why he figured murdering “upper class white people” would be an “impetus” for change.

And like I concluded in that blog yesterday, “When the woke (leftist) mind virus activates, the host becomes a killer.” Well another story, one you probably didn’t hear about, gives us another datum point to support the link between leftist ideology and psychotic murderous rampages—given the details and the lack of (known) murder (yet), it’s understandable why the mainstream media would stay far away from featuring it:

He is 47-year-old Jason Willie, a gay “transgender” Illinois man who bragged about being a pedophile, discussed his desire to commit a school shooting like Hale, and promised he’d be “raping” the “Christian daughters” in the “bathroom” when the time for his revenge. As the article linked in the tweet above notes, Willie was acting “on behalf of the transgender community in response to transphobic ‘bullying.’”

Okay, so if we’re to believe him (and Hale, and every other violent “trans” maniac), then that means the entire “trans” left is a threat to the security and safety of others and we should treat it as such—which actually sounds entirely reasonable.

As the Reduxx report also noted, Willie’s social media posts referenced a “we” when speaking to the planned crimes—in the Book of Mark, the reader is told of an exchange between Jesus and a man with an “unclean spirit” and when Jesus asks the unclean spirit, “What is thy name?” the spirit(s) answer, “My name is Legion: for we are many [emphasis added].” Coincidence? I don’t think so. Willie insisted again the “we” was in reference to the whole community, but again, I don’t think so.

Lastly, we learn this:

According to Perry County court records, Willie has not yet entered a plea on his charge of resisting arrest, but Sheriff Howard explains that even if he is found guilty he will likely walk away with a fine.

‘It’s more or less going to end up going to be a hearing. Now with the state of Illinois having the SAFE-T Act, which went into effect on September 18, those types of crimes are no longer containable. You just bring [a suspect] in for booking, processing, and biometrics and then you release them with a court date and it is all handled by the courts from there on out.’

This man is a ticking time bomb thanks to Democrat propaganda, and he’s out on the street thanks to Democrat policies.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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