How about some hearings on human disinformation and interference in elections instead of so-called AI disnformation?

The Senate is worried about disinformation and interference in the 2024 election by artificial intelligence. It appears they think the computers have programmed themselves. 

Senate lawmakers agree they need to take action on the use of artificial intelligence-generated deepfakes ahead of the 2024 election cycle — but they so far can’t see eye-to-eye on how to best tackle it through legislation.

Members of the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration during a hearing Wednesday disagreed for the most part along party lines on the appropriate role the government should play in regulating deceptive, AI-generated political content.

I'll believe that the media and other Democrats care about election interference and misinformation the day they apologize for all the intentional lies and misinformation that they have spread over the last several elections. 

Trump is despised by many voters because they say he is divisive because he vociferously fought back against the lies by the media, Justice Department, other Democrats, and never-Trumpers instead of quietly taking it. Trump's policies were successful and popular. The cabal of attackers would have sought to destroy him even if he was a squish who never tweeted a word.

Hillary and the DNC paid for the fake Russian dossier before Trump took office. 

Here is a sample of misinformation or lies that Trump had to deal with for the last seven years:

He did not collude with Russia to win the 2016 election.
He did not say Nazi sympathizers were "good people." He repeatedly denounced them. 
The media showed pictures of kids in cages from the Obama/Biden years and lied to the public that they were Trump cages. 
When Trump wanted the Wuhan lab to be investigated as the cause of COVID, the media, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and others intentionally lied to the public that the Wuhan lab was a disproven conspiracy.
How many people died or became ill because an investigation was stopped or delayed because of this intentional lie? 
When Trump complied with his oath to enforce immigration laws, he was called a racist and xenophobe. 
They called Trump a dictator and illegitimate.  President. Trump was the opposite of a dictator. He tried to transfer the power, money and freedom back to the people from the greedy government. Lowering taxes and reducing regulations is not something an authoritarian would do. 
Asking Ukraine to look into corruption by the Biden's is not a high crime or misdemeanor. It is his job to root out corruption by government officials. 
It is not impeachable or a crime to challenge elections. He did not encourage violence at the Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. He told the people to march up to the Capitol peacefully and patriotically, a fact that is almost always left out when the public is fed the misinformation. He also told House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to secure the Capitol with the National Guard. She did not do her job. 
When Trump and his supporters challenge the 2020 election they are called election deniers. Democrats are not called election deniers when they challenge elections.  How many votes would Biden have lost if the media and Justice Department hadn't colluded to bury the truth about the Biden family corruption?
It is a lie to call people who truthfully say that the climate has always changed cyclically and deniers. The term is meant to mislead the public that people who want to continue to use natural resources are anti-science. 
The media routinely uses adjectives like extreme and controversial to describe Republican policies while calling Democrat policies progressive. The words are meant to influence voters instead of informing them. A good journalist would just say what the policies are and let the voters decide instead of using the adjectives. 
Which of the following policies are actually extreme and controversial:
Having limits, not bans, on abortions like most countries in the World, or supporting abortions at all stages of a pregnancy, like a few countries such as North Korea and China. 
Enforcing immigration laws that Congress passed or essentially having open borders. 
Continuing to use the natural resources the Earth has been blessed with or destroying oil, gas, natural gas, and coal companies which have greatly improved our quality and length of life. How many people in underdeveloped countries die very young because green pushers tell them they will destroy the Earth if they modernize?
Giving poor children an opportunity to go to better schools or forcing them to stay in poorly performing schools. 
Pulling out of the Iran deal or giving them hundreds of billions that they can use to build weapons and fund terrorists. How many people have died because Obama and Biden funded Iran? How many people have died in Ukraine and Israel because Biden's energy prices inflated the price of oil?
Following the science by requiring people to compete in sports and use locker rooms that match their body parts or intentionally destroying women's sports by making them compete with biological males. 
Wanting to lift all people up by giving them opportunities provided by capitalism instead of holding them down by making them dependent on the government. 
Having people who borrowed student loans and benefited from the loans pay them back instead of having other people pay them off to buy votes. 
People should stop using the term progressive to describe Democrat policies. It is misleading to influence voters, especially the young. There is nothing progressive about moving a country towards economic collapse. 
The reason Biden is unpopular is not his age, it's the Democrat policies. Replace Biden with Gavin Newsom, Kamala Harris, or any other Democrat and you get the same policies to destroy the oil companies and to make the government more powerful. 
And everybody should admit that artificial intelligence is programmed by humans. The algorithms that Google, Meta, and others use to discriminate against conservatives are designed by people. They get the results the Democrats want!
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