Germany may soon become a Sharia nation

In 2015, the so-called Arab Spring, which Barack Obama helped foment, turned into the Muslim march on Europe. As you may recall, then-Chancellor Angela Merkel, from her powerful position as head of the EU’s most powerful nation, invited in all the displaced refugees from across the Muslim Middle East and Africa. It was an invasion by invitation, and now Germany may soon become a Muslim-controlled country.

It’s almost impossible to describe the stupidity (or evil) of Merkel’s decision to invite Islam into Europe. Think about it: The welcome mat came from the country that had sparked the biggest war in the history of the world by seeking world domination and determining to wipe out the Jewish race—and the people she invited into Europe come from an ideology that is open about acquiring world domination (“the global caliphate”) and is determined to wipe out the Jewish race.

The incoming Muslims instantly proved to be a problem. These weren’t the relatively Westernized Turks who had immigrated to Germany when the Germans stopped having babies and didn’t want to do the grunt work of keeping a country going. These were primitive people from Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, etc. They brought with them rape, crime, filth, and a grifter mindset grounded in the belief that non-Muslims are obligated to support them. Nevertheless, Germany’s borders are still open, and Muslims continue to pour in.

When politicians make criminally poor policy decisions, everyone pays the price. A couple of days ago, a video emerged of Muslims in Germany boasting about the inevitable Sharia takeover, which will erase entirely Germany’s constitutional system and European values:

Driven by socialism, Europeans hate everything they once stood for at the apex of their civilization, which was a mélange of the Bible and Greek philosophy that came together in the Enlightenment. (Remember, it was Hitler’s rejection of the Enlightenment and Christianity and his embrace of a fusion of paganism and socialism that led to Germany’s downfall.) The Muslims, meanwhile, believe passionately in their values, their virtue, and their superiority.

Things are getting so bad in Germany that the head of the police union is warning that it’s doubtful whether Germany can stop ascendant Islam:

[Rainer] Wendt cautioned in an interview with Bild newspaper about potentially dramatic developments. He said, “Radical Islamists are raising questions about power on our streets, and we need to respond in our favor; otherwise, Sharia law may replace our basic law.” It is imperative that we reflect on the fundamental values of our society, emphasized the union leader, and added, “Otherwise, the country could descend into radical individual interests, and the rule of the strongest would prevail. This is something that should never happen because such internal unrest would pose a threat to our nation.”

What’s happening in Germany should be a warning to us in America. Over the years, Democrats have destroyed our values and our sense that our culture is worthwhile. They consistently pushed for unlimited immigration, something Joe Biden put into effect by opening the border.

I read somewhere (although I haven’t confirmed it) that, at the rate Biden’s border policy is going, by the end of 2024, 15% of America’s population will be illegal immigrants. Many are undoubtedly good people, but many are also undoubtedly bad people who have no loyalty to America or her values. Unless this stops yesterday, we are doomed.

Image: X screen grab.

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