Geert Wilders takes the offensive in the war for Western Civilization

It’s entirely possible that, given enough time, probable Dutch Prime Minister Geert Wilders will prove to be yet another ostensibly conservative politician who has feet of clay. We’ve certainly seen enough of that across the West, especially in America. However, Wilders is off to an awesome start because he’s been loudly defending both Israel and his country against Islamic depredations.

Western Enlightenment ideas that have long governed America and the post-WWII West cannot exist simultaneously with Islam. Because Islam is the integration of politics and faith, it will not tolerate a system in which the government (1) cannot mandate faith or (2) must provide equal protection under the law for all, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc.

Combining Islam and classic Western values is like combining matter and anti-matter. The consequences are violent. However, unlike a real chemical reaction in which both are destroyed, in this case, you can plan on Islam winning. It’s more vicious, and the West has lost faith in itself, along with the will to fight. Or maybe, just maybe, the will to fight is returning.

Europe has been on the receiving end of virtually unchecked Muslim—and often radically Islamist—immigration since 2015. Add that new population to Europe’s already large, preexisting Muslim population (mostly from Pakistan and Saudi Arabia in England, Algeria in France, and Turkey in Germany), and you have the recipe for the disaster that comes to every non-Muslim culture that allows its Muslim population to explode.

Image: Geert Wilders. YouTuber screen grab.

We’re beginning to see pushback, though. In Ireland, where 20% of the population isn’t native to Ireland, people in Dublin went on a rampage after hearing that an immigrant had stabbed multiple people, including children. Perhaps these residents of a famously anti-Israel country will start to figure out that Israel’s war is their war. The Islamists who want to purge the Middle East of the tiny Jewish nation have already turned their eyes to the West.

Geert Wilders, the leader of what is now the biggest party in parliament, unlike so many elite Westerners, gets this. If the West doesn’t make a stand to defend itself in this existential war (which includes backing Israel, the current frontline), the West is over, and Islam’s spread, which was checked for a few hundred years, will resume.

In keeping with his support for Israel, Wilders got Arab nations’ knickers in a collective twist when he said that the Gazastinians and West Bankians should go to Jordan. He’s right, too. Since 1922, the true two-state solution has been for Israel to be the Jewish land, with Jordan being the Arab land—but of course, this was another plan the Arabs rejected. (And as a reminder, unlike the Jews, Arabs have no long-standing historical connection to the land of Israel.)

But Wilders isn’t just keeping his eye on events thousands of miles from the Netherlands. Instead, he’s taking a stand close to home, too. One day ago, he announced that, unless the 700,000 Muslims who subscribe to Sharia law are willing to comply with Dutch values and laws, they need to “get out” and head to an Islamic country:

Normal Dutch people, raised in the nation’s longstanding values of tolerance, are thrilled. While the media may dream that Wilders will be unable to put together a coalition following his party’s majority victory in the Dutch parliament, a recent poll shows that 65% of Dutch people want him to become the Prime Minister. No wonder Wilders is confident that he will get the job. After that, he intends to have a referendum to remove Holland from the EU.

If Wilders is the new Prime Minister, he could be the tipping point for a resurgent Western culture. Once, I would have said Europe was doomed, but maybe there’s still a little fight left in the old gal.

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