First it was ‘rape trees’ and now it’s ‘rape tents’

As funny as the gas-pump stickers of a dopey Joe Biden shouting “I did that!” are, I find them inadequate. He’s an easy and the most glaring poster child for the current and utterly disastrous state of affairs—in that case the gas prices due to his war against the oil industry—but I find the more appropriate culprit to be the Democrat voter class. After all, it’s only by their ignorant support and blindness to rigged elections that Biden can sow and reap such chaos.

But nothing of what the Democrat politicians and their supporters have ushered in compares to their war they’ve waged against the innocence and preciousness of children, which of course includes the open borders policies that cultivate and spread the blight of human trafficking—is there anything more egregious than using children for sex and human sacrifice? Let me help the leftists who probably can’t figure that one out… NO, there isn’t.

From a New York Post item out yesterday:

Hundreds of migrants have reportedly been sexually assaulted while trekking through the deadly Darien Gap jungle in Panama on their way to the United States’ southern border — including a number of children abused in so-called ‘rape tents.’ 

Doctors Without Borders — a nonprofit also known as Médecins Sans Frontières — said in a new report that its members had treated nearly 400 victims of sexual assault in the Darien Gap in 2023 alone, according to Border Report.

That report detailed that last month alone, the group treated 107 victims of sexual assault with 59 cases happening in just one week; the Post also noted this:

Some victims are children — the organization said it recently helped three rape victims who were just 11, 12 and 16 years old.

This is the fallout of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and I am holding each and every Democrat personally responsible for the consequences of the open border, because yes this is Biden’s fault, but it’s also their fault. And, when these rapists inevitably come to America, those Democrat “progressives” will call them “undocumented citizens” deserving of a place at the American citizenship table.

First it was rape trees and now it’s rape tents—how soon until the “rape towns” or the “rape cities”? I have a not-so-original idea, these rapists could name the city Sodom, and call themselves Sodomites! That is a citizenship theyve actually earned!

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