Elon Musk tells hard-left corporations to fornicate themselves UPDATED

Here’s the story in a nutshell: Elon Musk was falsely accused of antisemitism, that accusation gave leftwing corporations the justification they needed to pull their advertisements from X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, and Elon Musk just told these companies to go fornicate themselves. Now, let me break it down.

First, based on everything he’s ever said and done, there is no evidence that Musk is antisemitic. Instead, the genesis for slander starts with the fact that the Anti-Defamation League (“ADL”), a hard-left organization that long ago all but abandoned its mission of fighting antisemitism in America, went to war against Elon Musk. It did so, not because Musk was or is antisemitic but because the ADL, being hard left, could not allow X to function as a true platform for free speech. And in left land, if you can’t smear someone as racist, sexist, or homophobic, the next accusation on the list is “antisemitic.”

The ADL got a huge boost fighting its war when Musk “appeared” to support an antisemitic post. In fact, he did nothing of the kind. Let me explain. It started with this tweet:

If you can’t or don’t want to watch the video, it shows a white man scolding his white son for being a cowardly antisemite on social media. However, the reality is that the antisemitism in America isn’t worst among whites, who are the least antisemitic Americans. It is worst amongst minorities, especially recent arrivals from the Middle East and Africa. The video is an anti-white slur even as it purports to take a stand against antisemitism.

The tweet is also correct that Jewish communities, simply through their allegiance to the Democrat party, have actively participated in the anti-white racism that is now at the heart and soul of the Democrat party. The ADL has been a major player in this. As I often say, for a smart people, we Jews are incredibly stupid.

In the same way, being dumb leftists, Jews have been all-in on open borders and unlimited immigration. This has led to a huge influx of people who are not philosemitic. Jews are suddenly thinking, “uh-oh.” And again, the ADL has been at the forefront of this, too, from the open border push to the “uh-oh” moment.

Musk, who is opposed to open borders, responded to the above tweet with foolish brevity:

I understood his response to mean, yes, Jews have stupidly advanced leftist policies that now threaten their very existence. An hour later, Musk clarified what he meant:

That Musk was obviously not being antisemitic but was, instead, referring to the problem leftist Jews have created for themselves was irrelevant. America’s leftist corporations saw their opportunity, and they pounced: “Advertisers including Apple, IBM, Disney and Lions Gate Entertainment have pulled ads from Musk’s social media platform X, formerly known as Twitter.”

What helped drive home these self-righteous corporate decisions to pull advertising is that Media Matters allegedly rigged X traffic to “prove” that advertisements were ending up next to antisemitic content. X has sued Media Matters. If the case goes to discovery, that should be interesting.

What you need to understand is that these companies probably don’t care much about antisemitism. Like the ADL until it had its “uh-oh” moment, what they care about is that Musk’s X is a free speech platform rather than a Deep State site masquerading as social media. They’ve been desperate for an excuse to pull their advertising, and the false accusation that Musk is antisemitic gave them that excuse.

And that’s how we get to the viral video of Elon Musk at the New York Times’s DealBook Summit. I haven’t listened to the entire interview, but I did catch the bit where he told these leftist corporations to go “eff themselves” for trying to blackmail him:

Troublingly, Musk seems to be saying that the advertising boycott is working financially, even as he promises to reveal all the behind-the-scenes dirt about the corporations. If these companies do succeed in destroying X, though, they won’t care about the dirt. Without a free speech platform, that dirt will go under the rug and stay there.

Musk also took the opportunity to say he was sorry about that purportedly antisemitic tweet. It certainly was carelessly done of him, although the sentiment is nothing to be ashamed of.

In a time of deceit, Musk’s candor is a good thing, and it seems to be inspiring people to act. Given that Disney seems to be at the forefront of the advertising war against X, people are canceling their Disney+ subscriptions. Finally! I dumped Disney years ago. It’s not Walt’s company anymore. It’s an arrogant, hard-left grooming enterprise that’s reached the end of its useful life and needs to be retired.

So, yay for Musk for taking a stand and inspiring others.

UPDATE: The problem of antisemitism hasn't driven Disney away from TikTok, despite its status as the major antisemitism vector in America:

Image: Elon Musk. YouTube screen grab.

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