Denver public schools bring back the Tower of Babel… but call it ‘language justice’

More often than not I find myself frustrated with the reality that for some, the famous phrase “those who don’t know history are condemned to repeat it” is a really hard concept to grasp. But, there’s finally a silver lining to the extreme level of historical and literary ignorance that permeates today’s culture, and that is… what God did to disrupt and foil the plans of corrupted men, leftists do all by themselves. From an item out today at Just the News.

The Denver school district is among the first in the country to adopt a ‘language justice’ policy as a ‘long term goal.’

What is “language justice” you might ask? Well I’d never heard of the term until today, but since the English language  is “oppressive” and “rooted in racism,” the left has led a focused effort that has now been enacted into policy, and the idea is to permit foreign students to forgo learning English, and instead allowing them to retain their native languages in the classroom.

An excerpt from the “equity document” released by the school board defined “language justice” as this: 

The notion of respecting every individual's fundamental language rights – to be able to communicate, understand, and be understood in the language in which they prefer and feel most articulate and powerful.’

As the report also notes, of the roughly 90,000 students, around 35,000 are “multilingual learners” with a non-English language home; in those non-English homes, there are “200” other languages spoken.

We tried telling them, all that “diversity is our strength” talk was really just a utopic pipe dream or a wishful sentiment, but nowhere is that more obvious than with language—when people can’t understand each other nobody can communicate effectively—but again, they’d know this if they knew their history and literature. What happened when God “confounded” men and they couldn’t decipher one another’s speech at the Tower of Babel? Well, their grand plans turned into a big ol’ flop.

Now of course we can all identify the massive negatives—the obvious replacement underway of Judeo-Christian Americans with third-world mentality welfare dependents leading to the inevitable decline in a population that contributes; the disintegration of values and things that made America great; the unbelievable cost to the taxpayer who will presumably be on the hook for translators, interpreters, and other “resources” provided—but, there’s always a silver lining, and if leftists want to frustrate their own plans by introducing the inability for its pawns to communicate and understand the game plan, then by all means, go ahead.

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