Democrats apparently don’t understand how digital shopping carts work

Have you ever had one of those moments where something is so stupid, you’re not sure if you’re the one missing something? Well, this was one of those times, and I had to run to the comments to make sure that @AnneFromMaine was the idiot, and not me—I’m happy to report that I’m in the clear! Phew! Here’s the post:

As Clown World asks: “Should we tell her?” If you’re finding yourself slightly confused, don’t be—it’s as simple as a grown woman who is so woefully ignorant she doesn’t understand how a digital shopping cart works.

@AnneFromMaine is “activisting” and thinks that by adding tens of thousands of copies to her cart she’s preventing legitimate sales from taking place—Kyle Rittenhouse loses money, and no “MAGA cult” people get to read the book of a killer—she thinks she’s pulling a fast one.

But… Obviously these aren’t real shopping carts, and no one is pulling these books from the shelves and setting them aside as they wait for her to complete the purchase. What’s even more embarrassing though, is the book isn’t even out yet! It’s only available for pre-order! So these copies really aren’t being pulled from shelves and held-up from legitimate sales (as she mistakenly thinks).

Naturally though, she feels equipped to vote, and unsurprisingly, she’s a Democrat.

But then it gets worse because come to find out, she’s not some exception to a rule, but rather one of many Democrat voters who don’t understand something as basic as a digital shopping cart!

And this:

And these people vote.

The comments were ruthless, and hilarious:

How did she fit so many books into only one cart? We have found our next president.”

I feel for that poor truck driver idling outside the Amazon warehouse waiting for her to click ‘buy’.”

“Imagine if this actually worked tho… wouldn’t this be the digital equivalence of burning books?”

Ironically, @AnneFromMaine notated in her X profile that books “don’t scare” scare her. Turns out, they do!

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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