Consumer Reports finds that EVs have significantly more problems than ICE counterparts

Reporting on the seemingly endless problems with EVs is giving me déjà vu, but, here we go again.

Yesterday, AP journalist Tom Krisher broke down the results of a new Consumer Reports survey, which according to Consumer, represented 330,000 vehicles; here are the findings, as relayed by Krisher:

Electric vehicles have proved far less reliable, on average, than gasoline-powered cars, trucks and SUVs, according to the latest survey by Consumer Reports, which found that EVs from the 2021 through 2023 model years encountered nearly 80 per cent more problems than did vehicles propelled by internal combustion engines.

Consumer Reports said EV owners most frequently reported troubles with battery and charging systems as well as flaws in how the vehicles body panels and interior parts fit together.

Now 330,000 vehicles is not exactly a small sample size; for every 10 ICE vehicles, that means 18 EV issues? Good grief.

Consumer’s revelations come at a time when “consumer enthusiasm” for EVs has almost completely “stalled.” As Krisher also wrote:

The growth of electric vehicle sales has slowed sharply since last year. In June 2022, EV sales were growing about 90 per cent year over year. By June of this year the 12-month growth rate had slowed to about 50 per cent, and automakers have become increasingly fearful that the pace will weaken further.

So are we to understand that the “enthusiasm” for cars that almost no one can afford to buy, let alone insure… could spontaneously explode into flames at any given moment… significantly increase travel times… have extremely limited “refueling” options… don’t function if it’s too hot or too cold… sometimes malfunction and lock passengers inside before rolling into ocean water… and have substantially more technological and structural issues than normal vehicles… is starting to wane? How weird.

Seems like EVs as a whole are just a net negative, and the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, but don’t expect the “green” bureaucrats who’ve hitched their New World Order wagon to the EV agenda to listen.

Hat tip: John McMahon, Kolonga, Qld Australia.

(Correction: An earlier version contained a typo concerning the breakdown of 80%.)

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