Chaotic immigration is having political consequences

Over in The Netherlands, we see another election and the experts are calling it "shocking" and "unexpected."  I cannot speak about the unexpected but there is nothing shocking about people reacting to chaos.  Let's look at the Dutch story:

Voter research showed that migration and asylum were important issues for voters and Wilders’ party has largely benefited from that, according to NOS.

Wilders has vowed that the Netherlands “will be returned to the Dutch” and “the asylum tsunami and migration will be curbed.”

Wonder if Mr. Wilders and Mayor Eric Adams had a conversation about this topic.  The New York City mayor is having his own "asylum tsunami" and is warning citizens that people will be sleeping on the streets.  The big difference is that Mayor Adams can't put the issue to a referendum and can't change his state legislature.

What we are seeing in Europe is that people want order and don't care to see their history crushed by new arrivals.  This is why these parties are winning.  I don't subscribe to the usual stuff that these Dutch voters are racist or xenophobic or whatever other "ism" they're accused of.

So don't be surprised if you see more future elections labeled as “shocking” or “unexpected.” Maybe the people writing these headlines should walk away from the computer and walk the streets.

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Image: Peter van der Sluijs

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