Bodycam footage from the DUI arrest of a leftist is sublime schadenfreude

From suggesting “like, really bad social anxiety” was the cause of her sloshed behavior behind the wheel and her inability to complete field sobriety tests, to announcing her status as an “indigenous person” as she exited the vehicle, to correcting the officer when he called her “miss” because of course, she’s “non-binary,” this drunk girl, gave it all she had, but the big bad “white man” wasn’t having any of it, and it was glorious; watch below:

Now, what made it so delightful to view is the fact that this girl is obviously a leftist—I know I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again, but I thrive on schadenfreude—and she plays all the cards in her deck, or buzzwords in her leftist lexicon, only to lose miserably.

As the officer goes to begin the field sobriety test, she again reminds him that she suffers from “really bad social anxiety,” but he’s growing increasingly annoyed and unsympathetic, so he sarcastically responds, “you and me both.” She’s incensed because her sob story isn’t working, so she looks him up and down, flippantly says “okayyyy,” and accepts her defeat.

When he asks her if she’s had any recent head trauma or brain injuries, she emphasizes that “yes” she has “mental” issues; girl, we know, you already revealed that don’t subscribe to one of the most basic and fundamental aspects of reality when you asserted you were “non-binary” instead of a female, and we heard you when you said “it’s kinda triggering” to be called “ma’am,” so we’re well aware you’re a few screws loose.

She also starts breaking down in tears near the end, saying “I’m sorry, but the whole ‘man’ thing, just like….” Of course, she’s referencing the officer’s biological sex, implying that it’s derailing her ability to walk in a straight line, before she then goes on to cite “generational trauma” and “PTSD around white people.” (She’s the perfect example of what not to say if you get pulled over for a suspected DUI.)

I also found it amusing that a big part of leftist philosophy is that stereotypes are despicable untrue devices with no foundation in reality, and vestiges of amoral views of white supremacy—but the irony is, this girl enforced one of the stereotypes that is so very hated by the left… the “drunk Indian.”

There’s obviously been a seismic shift in how people expect to get out of trouble, illustrated by the fact that this girl relied on her “identity-dropping” instead of “name-dropping.” Gee, what could have possibly have given her that impression?

She’s so used to being told that leftist labels and “identities” are legitimate “get out of jail free” cards, and genuine excuses for bad behavior; can you blame her? She’s seen it in action: the George Floyd riots, media and government hiding the identities of certain criminal suspects to avoid reinforcing “negative stereotypes,” BLM/Antifa/trans terrorists, judges making sentencing decisions with the “context” of “historical wrongs,” etc.

These people are so insane, and it shows what a disservice the leftist narrative is to real people, because when they’re steeped in fantasy but confronted with reality, it’s a hard crash back down to earth.

Image from X.

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