Biden fails to congratulate Argentina's new president, libertarian Javier Milei

Joe Biden has always been Johnny-on-the-spot whenever a radical leftist has gotten elected in Latin America.

But for Argentina's new president, elected by a ten-point-plus margin?


He's said nothing at all to Javier Milei, Argentina's first libertarian president, on his quite truly historic victory in an undoubtedly free and fair election, with 30 million hand-counted ballots, their validity approved by both parties and delivered on election night, that made Milei president. He could have congratuated just the election if he couldn't stand Milei, which we know he can't as a fair-minded formality, but of course, he didn't. The White House web site is bereft of any pretense of congratulations from hoary old Joe.

That stands in striking contrast to his swift congratulatory message to other countries that have elected radical leftist leaders.

He congratulated Gabriel Boric, an antifa-style far-left student protest leader in Chile who got elected president in 2021, calling Chile's results "a powerful example" for the world.

He congratulated Gustavo Petro, a former communist narcoguerrilla and Hugo Chavez buddy, when he got elected president in Colombia in 2022, commending that election as "free and fair" and reaffirming "U.S. support for Colombia."

He congratulated Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva, a radical left-wing union organizer, who got re-elected president in Brazil in 2022, in what many Brazilans called a fraud-filled election, hailing the "strength of Brazilian democratic institutions following free, fair, and credible elections"

That election sounded like ours, which of course is why he really liked it. It takes one to know one.

What does Biden have to gain for the U.S. by not congratulating Milei?

It's shocking, really. Other than condemn election fraud in the states, Milei has never said a bad word about Biden. He has expressed only the warmest words of admiration for the U.S.

That's an easy foreign policy 'win' for Joe Biden at a time when he has very few 'wins.'

Argentina also has been a major non-NATO ally, which is an important ally indeed to have given that Joe wants to get the U.S. involved in so many wars. As a bonus, under Milei, Argentina will be a sterling friend of Israel.

Milei's proposed to dollarize Argentina, putting that country into the same economic cycle as ours, which can only make that country better. A good economy means more business and fewer illegals for the U.S., and more cooperation on everything else.

Here are a few other benefits for the U.S. that Joe is leaving on the table.



What kind of diplomacy is this? What does the U.S. gain from this shabby treatment? What kind of a crappy U.S. president refuses to congratulate someone like that? 

Only the worst of the worst, which brings us straight to Joe Biden. Instead of congratulate this man, just as a formality if nothing else, he chooses to join the ranks of Nicolas Maduro, Daniel Ortega, Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva, the Iranian mullahs, and all rogue states in withholding congratulations, even as Pope Francis (whom Milei has insulted as a communist) and other world leaders engage and extend congratulations.

What a spiteful loser. It brings up what Bob Gates has said -- that Biden has been " "wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades." 

Add this to that long list.

Image: Twitter video screen shot

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