Barbarism: Tape emerges of Hamas terrorist 'playing' with severed heads

Is there any sicker, viler, more demonic movement in the world today than the Hamas terrorist organization?

The latest from them is that Hamas's terrorists, fresh from murdering 1,400 people on October 7, blood undoubtedly still dripping from their hands, made a tape of themselves describing how they "played" with severed heads of their Israeli victims:

According to William A. Jacobson at Legal Insurrection:

Audio was recovered of the terrorists admitting they played with decapitated heads while at Kibbutz Nirim:

“They cut off their heads with knives…. take photos of the heads as the guys are playing with them.”



And of course, they took selfies of themselves doing it.

These savages are depraved beyond belief. Did someone ask them if they had fun? They have a funny idea of fun.

It's not the first we have heard of Hamas's depravities and atrocities in that horror attack they conducted on innocent Israeli civilians on that terrible day last October.

Jacobson also cited a Jewish Telegraph Agency report indicating that these savages baked a live baby in an oven:

[First responder] Moskowitz had come to Shura, a military base near the central Israeli city of Ramle, as a volunteer with the United Hatzalah emergency response corps. The base had been transformed into a center for identifying those killed in the Oct. 7 massacre by Hamas, the terror group that controls Gaza, and Moskowitz was soon pulled into the gruesome task of helping to unload and transfer dozens of bodies that arrived there.

The baby came from Kibbutz Kfar Aza, one of the communities hardest hit in the attack. It arrived in a small bag whose contents told a grim story: a tiny body, burnt and swollen, with the telltale marks from being pressed against a heating element.

“They took the baby and put it, literally, in a kitchen oven,” Moskowitz said in a video testimony recounting the assessment of professional staff at the base.

They had sex with corpses, a real turn-on for them. 

They beheaded babies and children.

They conducted mass rape (where are the western femininists?)

They tied families up together and burned them alive, and set their safe rooms on fire.

They looted with abandon.

They murdered everyone in their path.

They would have to have souls rotted to the bottom to be able to do these evil things, no goodness whatsoever left in them. It makes one feel tainted just to hear about all the terrible things they did. And like demons, they took such pleasure in their atrocities, as if detached from whatever humanity they might have had left in them.

They are monsters.

What's bad here is that they wanted us to know that they are monsters. They wanted us to know how vile they are, which is why they made the tapes for general distribution.

That's an actual recruiting tool for them. A recent study of terror attacks in France revealed that the best recruiting boosts the ISIS and other linked terrorists found was in the publicizing of their vilest, most evil acts. It drew more to their miserable movement.

Eric Hoffer explained that dynamic in his 1951 bestseller, "The True Believer," citing inordinate 'sinners' eager to shed their unwanted selves as ideal candidates for this kind of fanatical mass movement. A selection of quotes around this issue, all of them insightful, can be found here.

A little summary from the CalMatters site is here:

As summarized in Wikipedia, “Hoffer argues that fanatical and extremist cultural movements, whether religious, social, or national, arise when large numbers of frustrated people, believing their own individual lives to be worthless or spoiled, join a movement demanding radical change. But the real attraction for this population is an escape from the self, not a realization of individual hopes.” Thus, a mass movement attracts followers “not because it can satisfy the desire for self-advancement, but because it can satisfy the passion for self-renunciation.” 

That has to be what's going on. I was friends with Eric when I was a teenager and remember going over to his close friend Lilly Fabilli Osborne's house in San Francisco, where Lilly made dinner for us and we watched news reports of a Palestinian attack and revolt in the early 1980s on T.V.

As the media attempted to justify their actions and waxed about their need for a 'homeland,' Eric told me they were fanatics of this True Believer stripe and didn't care about a homeland, what they wanted to wreak ruin on Israel.

They're still out there, worse than everm, and Eric understood what they were doing very, very well.

Image: Twitter screen shot 



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