As unemployment in the black community climbs, Chicago Democrats hold a job fair for illegals

At the beginning of this month, a Chicago-based staffing agency partnered with a number of local Democrats to hold a job fair for around 400 open job positions, to a group of around 500 illegal aliens; from a Breitbart item on the news yesterday:

With interpreters provided for them, the migrants met with representatives in fields including health care, manufacturing, hospitality, logistics, and others.

The companies also offered help securing government services, legal papers, and even training and educational opportunities.

(“Chicago businesses offer 400 jobs to on-the-run felons” seems like a more accurate headline, because after all, the first act of these foreigners on our soil was a felonious one, and it’s a crime for which they’re not paying.)

Meanwhile, black Americans have the highest unemployment rate in the country; according to the latest national data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, that number was 5.8% for October 2023. According to a September report from a local Chicago outlet, Chicago unemployment rates hovered around the national average, but among black residents? That number was a whopping 14.3%.

Now I mention the job statistics for the black community because that’s a large chunk of the Democratic voting bloc in Chicago, and three top-tier “partners” of the event were local Democrats: “Alderperson” (not Alderman) Andre Vasquez, “100% Pro-Choice” Kevin Olickal, and the far-left Hoan Huynh.

Well, congratulations to the black Chicagoans, because they’re getting exactly what they voted for, even though they probably didn’t realize it—they went to the ballot box for abortion, skin color, and “progress” and got more unemployment, more crime, and more betrayal. Illegals are the Chicago political machine’s newest crop of voters, of course they’re rolling out the red carpet to accommodate; getting these tens of thousands of people on the government dole means a new reliable voting bloc for years to come.

Just yesterday, Peter Von Buol, a longtime friend of AT sent me this video:

A Brandon Johnson supporter demanding he stop the buses from dropping off “immigrants” because they’re stealing all the handouts for which the blacks have been waiting… but still supporting him? Didn’t she ever hear the “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me” saying? 

I also can’t figure out why the average leftist voter can’t figure out that corporations and businesses are money-making ventures, not charities. They’re not hiring illegals over Americans because they’re dedicated social justice warriors, they’re hiring illegals because it benefits the business.

Image from X.

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