Also Not The Bee: ‘Joe Biden is a good man’ essay makes it to publication

Repeating something over and over again does not make it true, and Brad Bannon’s “Joe Biden is a good man” essay at The Messenger is just plain embarrassing. As Bannon suggests in the title, “Democrats Have Much To Be Thankful For This Year” thanks to a “level-headed leader” at the helm. Yes, Bannon is being completely serious.

Below are a few excerpts from Bannon’s campaign ad—oops—I mean, honest press piece, for Biden.

Excerpt 1:

Only history will determine whether the steps that Biden has taken to revitalize our economy and guarantee America’s prosperity in the future make him a great man — but in my view, he is unquestionably a good man. I see Trump as neither great nor good — ranking as our second worst president behind James Buchanan, according to U.S. News polling. Some of his own relatives have called him ‘vindictive, selfish and dangerous.’

He says that Biden is a good man, and may even be a great man, yet he gives no examples. Do great men hunt down their daughters in the shower? Do great men refuse to acknowledge their own grandchildren? Do great men raise crack-addicted tax cheats who can’t stop buying prostitutes? I didn’t think so.

When the leftist rag U.S. News polls leftist historians, they clearly don’t care about Trump’s domestic and foreign success. Results don’t matter.

As for relatives, Biden’s relatives probably love him because he lines their pockets with kickbacks from shell companies for doing nothing. Maybe, they should interview Navy, Biden’s granddaughter who has never met him, and ask her what kind of man he is?

An “unquestionably good man” or a good or great president would not…

Refuse to meet or recognize his granddaughter for years. Why should we believe he cares more for the rest of us?

Fail to visit East Palestine, Ohio when there was an environmental catastrophe. The public was told he didn’t have time, but the truth is he didn’t care.

Brag about how well the withdrawal of Afghanistan went when 13 service members died because of the chaos. For their homecoming, he showed zero interest in their lives and sacrifice, infamously yawning and checking his watch. The media should stop pretending that Biden is empathetic.

Continue to fund Iran—which in turn funds terrorists and pledges to destroy Israel—while pretending he has always supported Israel.

Refuse to abide by his oath of office to enforce border laws. Enriching cartels is “unquestionably” bad!

Abuse the office of the president by forcing those who didn’t take out student loans to pay off the debt for those who actually borrowed the money.

Fire people, including military members, for exercising freedom to decline a vaccine.

Keep schools closed, and block poor kids, especially minorities, from going to better schools because his political contributors demand it.

Hire an attorney general who colluded with the White House and the National School Boards Association to threaten parents who dared speak out against cultural Marxism.

Support the same AG who treats peaceful prayers at Planned Parenthood harshly, while virtually ignoring violent groups who destroy crisis pregnancy centers.

Continually lie and assert Trump’s tax rate cuts only benefited the rich and cost the country trillions, when the changes actually helped all taxpayers and resulted in substantial revenue increases.

Excerpt 2:

Biden has appealed to the better angels of the American people while Trump has stoked some of the worst demons in the body politic. Trump recently called out his political enemies for being ‘vermin,’ which a number of historians and academics said resembles rhetoric spoken by Adolf Hitler. Can you imagine Joe Biden saying anything as horrible as that? I don’t think so.

Biden calls Trump and his MAGA supporters every name in the book. Trump is repeatedly compared to Hitler.

Biden continually lies about what Trump said in Charlottesville to gin up racial division and hate.

Biden and other Democrats repeatedly seek to divide the country by race, sex, and class.

That is not appealing to the better angels.

Excerpt 3:

Biden searches for the soul of America, and our nation has a bright future if he can find it. Meanwhile, Trump’s sour pessimism has infected his party.

I sure hope that Biden is not seeking the soul of America!

Teaching kids that the U.S. is a racist country, and telling white kids that they are privileged and racist since birth? This is not true, and it’s not good.

Abortion on-demand? Craven and wicked.

Requiring girls to compete with boys? Illogical and cruel.

Telling young children that they can change their sex, and teachers keeping parents in the dark? Appalling and dangerous.

I could go on and on, but the narrative holds true: most journalists are more than willing to prostitute themselves to keep Democrats in power, consequences be darned.

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