A splendid little war?

One would think that the present war between Israel and Hamas would fit the same mold as WW2, albeit on a smaller scale.  Both are wars with moral clarity.  Both are wars of national survival against a pitiless aggressor.  Hamas attacked Israel with horrifying brutality.  Its aim is to destroy Israel utterly, and quite probably to exterminate the Jews.  Eventually, it calls for the Islamification of the planet.  Death to the infidels. 

It is mystifying, then, that after years of feeding the scorpion that is radical Islam, so many of its predictably future victims continue to make excuses for it, and to condemn the most civilized nation in the Middle East, Israel. 

History has demonstrated that the appeasement of brutal imperialists is based on a false hope, a policy that leads to war, not peace.  Previous instances of rewarding hostage-takers have today, once more, been proved to result only in more hostages, more demands by the miscreants, and more deaths.  The bereaved families, quite understandably, demand compromise with said terrorists, rather than lose their loved ones forever.  It is understandable, but more costly in the long run. 

No war is “splendid,” not even the Spanish-American War, which inspired that description, but some wars are both just and necessary, despite their brutality and horrors.  This is the present reality.  The world has not only tolerated, but funded and cultivated a cancer in the form of Hamas and similar terrorist armies.  It is said that no one can kill an ideology, but one can kill those who are inspired by it to commit atrocities.

One must.

Image via Pxfuel.

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